Work From Home Software You May Have Overlooked

As many of us adjust to long-term remote working, it is important to continue optimizing our processes, tools, and work from home software. What can you consolidate or add on to make life easier for everyone you work with?

Whether it’s boosting productivity, engaging team members, or surpassing your project goals, the remote team tools detailed below will help you achieve your next big milestone remotely. Keep reading to learn more about why work from home software and virtual team tools are important and which are an absolute must for successful teams.

Why virtual team tools are beneficial for your distributed workforce 

Work from home projects require teams to be on the same page, stay up to date on the latest changes, and work on team building more than ever before. As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce points out, equipping your team with tech and productivity tools will go a long way towards improving communication. 

Remote work experts Slack agree, pointing out that communication is not just about nailing down the details for active projects (although that is very important). It’s also about celebrating achievements, providing useful feedback, and engaging with one another

There’s even strong evidence to support the use of remote team tools.  For instance, GitLab is a company with more than 1,200 employees in 27 different countries who have all been working remotely since its launch in 2011. GitLab has no need for physical office space, instead using team collaboration and work from home software to create a virtual workplace.

Remote team tools can address your team’s productivity needs

To successfully manage a virtual team, you’ll need to make sure their tools include a few key project management features. Choose multi-faceted options that serve all or most of these functions to improve productivity and work from home software adoption rates. 

  • Messaging. Eliminate cluttered email chains and miscommunications with instant messaging within individual tasks and project folders. Easily search through to find names, keywords, and real-time progress updates at a glance. 
  • File sharing. Attach documents and start or assign approvals right within each step. Keep closed projects stored within the system to easily reference files at a later date. 
  • Collaboration. Get organized and creative at the same time by keeping the conversation all in one place. Lead your team virtually through all phases of all projects without missing a beat. 

7 remote team tools designed to help your distributed workforce flourish

The virtual team tools listed here all include products that boost productivity and engagement among your team and its individual members.  

1. Slack

The ubiquitous work chat platform helps keep teams within reach. Stay on topic or catch up with teammates about the latest binge-worthy Netflix series. Slack is a must-have in your arsenal of virtual team tools. The best part? Slack integrates seamlessly with Wrike, allowing you to share tasks and work collaboratively without breaking a sweat. 

2. MediaValet

MediaValet is another tool that integrates with Wrike. Store digital brand assets such as videos, GIFs, social media banners, and more with this easy-to-use work from home software. 

3. Loom 

With Loom, you’ll spend less time typing out long emails (that your colleagues will just skim through anyway) and more time focused on important work. Loom’s screen and voice recording capabilities let you send in-context videos conveying specific, easy to understand information. You’ll be able to walk your colleagues through important tasks without having to be in the same meeting room. 


Productivity is an uphill battle — especially for remote workers. At-home and virtual distractions can rob you of your ability to effectively manage work. The Pomodoro technique is a popular method of time management and blocking that structures work in 25-minute intervals with breaks in between. Use the app for bursts of productivity that help you break up your workday and maintain focus.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is a must-have for dispersed teams. With docs and sheets, teams can work securely and collaboratively on files from anywhere at any time. Wrike also integrates with Google Drive so you can attach files to tasks and projects.

6. Salesforce

Get a single view into work being done for clients by creating an effective cross-departmental system for customer-related projects. Integrate your Salesforce account with Wrike and seamlessly manage your client work.

7. Wrike 

With Wrike, your teams are set up for project success. Time tracking, resource planning, shared dashboards, and reporting make it easy to hit targets and stay on track. Break down projects into smaller tasks and create workflows that optimize remote team collaboration.

Conquer work from home projects with the right tools

Tools don’t just get the job done. They can often be the difference between project failure and project success. Use the tools mentioned above to manage teams virtually and improve productivity, communication, collaboration, and work culture. Be sure to start with a two-week free trial from Wrike to help streamline your existing tools.

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