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Wrike for Professional Services is a game-changing work management platform that optimizes collaboration, maximizes utilization, delights clients, and increases profit margins.
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Better visibility and collaboration

Better visibility and collaboration

Coordinating external clients and internal teams to produce high-impact deliverables isn’t easy. Provide clear statuses, deadlines, and responsibilities while keeping everyone in the loop with real-time dashboards and communication.

Optimize resources and processes

Optimize resources and processes

With so many moving pieces and disjointed tools, it can be difficult to truly see if you’re achieving your goals and optimizing resource allocation. Prioritize work and increase billable hours with flexible scheduling. Balance workload and simplify time tracking so teams can focus on client relationships.

On-time delivery

On-time delivery

Inefficient processes can leave all your team’s hard work in limbo. Clarify project scope, timelines, and expectations from the beginning. Help your team hit the ground running with an intuitive UI and automated workflows.

Professional services teams deliver their best work faster with Wrike

Improved transparency and predictability
Wrike is far more than professional services project management software: It's an all-encompassing platform for managing complex processes, projects, and resources, so you’re in control of every stage of a project cycle.

“The time management and workload overview help with resource management because the team has a clear overview of whether or not a project can be completed within the time parameters provided. This ultimately protects our employees from working beyond their capacity.”


Director of Strategy & Business Development

Simplified project coordination
With Wrike, easily coordinate your clients and teams to deliver projects on time and within budget. Bring teams together in a single workspace designed to break down silos. Using built-in communication tools, you can automate repetitive tasks to scale on demand.

“We’ve seen an 85 to 90% reduction in the number of emails because everybody is working at the task level in Wrike and communicating with each other through @mentions.”


Marketing Campaign Manager

Increased automation & throughput
Templatize workflows and automate repeatable processes so teams can take on impactful, billable work. Integrate with your CRM, billing, and invoicing tools to streamline operations. Our robust work management solution helps you outplan and outperform your competition.

“My favorite thing is that I can set it and reuse the same steps over and over again to create consistency and transparency. Wrike naturally created efficiencies so that we were able to handle 25% more accounts than forecasted, just because we can now handle it faster.”


President & Owner

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Out-of-the-box templates for your unique workflows

Professional Services management

Plan projects and map tasks to an interactive timeline, track and report on time spent using a time log, and organize deliverables to meet deadlines.

Professional Services management

Wrike is your trusted partner

Optimize Wrike to achieve your goals with expert consulting and training. We offer 24/7 support, world-class deployment, and a vibrant user community. Our world-class security keeps your data safe.

Wrike is your trusted partner

Best-in-class for flexibility and ease-of-use

Use Wrike the way you want. Integrate with over 400 popular tools or build your own integration with our well-documented and easy-to-use APIs. Can your professional services project management software do that?

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“We've seen increases in productivity and fewer questions about when projects are due. There is so much more transparency across the board.”

Eve Maidenberg

Creative Services Director

“Everything I see now in Wrike is live and in its current status, which is a big plus to me. We can jump on the job, look at the last couple of comments on it, and pick up the ball and run with it from there.”

Ashley Risstrom

Senior Production Manager

“We shaved off about a week and a half of what we typically go through for a planning cycle. Wrike makes our meetings way more effective.”

Matt Andrews

Marketing Campaign Manager

“With Wrike I don't have to be involved in every project. I can focus on the big picture. I don't think I would be able to do that with any other project management system.”

Jenny Sagström

CEO and Co-Founder

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