Project & Task Management Software for Microsoft Outlook

Manage work coming from email more effectively by bringing project management into Microsoft Outlook.

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Main features

Create Wrike tasks from emails

View and edit tasks, with images and text formatting

Collaborate in real time on tasks

Work in Wrike without leaving Outlook

Increase your team’s productivity by moving work from email to Wrike

Capture work from email

  • Easily create new tasks from emails
  • Assign tasks, and update status and due date
  • Add tasks to existing Wrike projects
  • Edit task details in Outlook or Wrike

Work Collaboration

  • Add emails as task comments
  • Live Editor: see your team’s task changes in real time
  • Send and receive Wrike comments, in Outlook
  • Collaborate on tasks with users who are in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or Wrike

Accomplish More

  • Also view and edit tasks associated with Wrike email notifications
  • See images, rich text formatting, subtasks, and attachments in tasks
  • Use Wrike to track and report on work coming from email
  • Get even more power with Outlook actionable messages

Connection to Wrike

Multiple Platforms

  • Outlook for Windows
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Outlook on the Web
  • Outlook on iOS
  • Outlook on Android

How to use it now

Ensure you’re using a supported email provider and version of Microsoft Outlook

Log in to Wrike and add Wrike for Outlook

Follow the instructions in the Microsoft Office Store

Open an email in Outlook and select the “Open Wrike add‑in” button

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Visit our Help Center to learn more about Wrike for Outlook.

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Wrike users can add the Outlook integration by navigating to “Apps & Integrations” in their interface. Type “Outlook” into the search bar. You will then be prompted to Install for 365. In the Outlook interface, simply go to the add-ins store and search for Wrike and “add” to your navigation bar.
Yes, it is possible to access Wrike through Outlook. In fact, users can work within Wrike without ever leaving Outlook and even create tasks through the email client.
Users can turn Outlook emails into Wrike tasks with ease. When prompted to take action on an email, either select “convert to a task” or “add as a comment”. The email will then appear in Wrike as an independent task or comment made on an existing task.
Yes, it is possible to collaborate on tasks through Outlook. Turn emails into task comments and collaborate without ever leaving your inbox.