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Creative project management software to delight clients

  • Deliver on time, every time
  • Streamline approvals
  • Integrate with Adobe tools
  • Demonstrate impact
<p>Creative project management software to delight clients</p>

One platform to manage creative requests, reviews, and approvals

We know how demanding marketing can be — fast-paced with tight deadlines and lofty expectations. Doing more with less seems insurmountable, but that is where Wrike comes in.

Accelerate reviews with proofing and approvals

Streamline your review process with our proofing and approval features, tailored for efficient feedback collection and refined revision cycles, ensuring exceptional quality and swift workflow.

Our customers love this feature

“Proofing and Approvals in Wrike makes my life a lot easier because we can just edit and approve everything all in one fell swoop. Before we had Wrike, we'd annotate PDFs, but now I can use the text edit, the comments feature, and we can track the changes a lot more efficiently.”

Kellee Vopelak,
Project Manager, Exploding Kittens

Streamline incoming requests

Optimize task assignments with our custom request forms that auto-route based on your team's familiar terms. No more redundant follow-ups, just efficient task allocation.

Our customers love this feature

“Our creatives like Wrike because information comes in via our request form. All the things that they need – whether it’s PDFs, Word documents, scripts – everything is in one place and it makes it easier for them.”

Jeff Hartlieb,
Project Director for Nickelodeon

Enjoy user-friendly views

Adapt your perspective based on your needs with our user-friendly views. Switch to the Board view for simplicity and layout clarity, the Table view to benefit from a familiar spreadsheet style, the Gantt view for comprehensive project timelines, or the Personal view to have everything assigned to you at a glance.

Our customers love this feature

“The different views are super helpful. We use the Gantt chart to understand all of our overlapping projects and timelines. It’s really valuable to understand the full scope of work happening against a calendar view.”

Nicki Batelli,
Vice President of Operations & Production, Sony Pictures Television

Publish assets with ease

Streamline asset access with our direct Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform integration. Launching or updating assets is efficient and quick with Wrike's creative project management software.

Our customers love this feature

“Everyone can see all the files all the time so no one has to ask to see the files via email or chat, and you automatically know if someone has uploaded a new file.”

Ella Rudebeck,
Global Packaging Manager, Electrolux

New Feature

Enhance creativity with Wrike AI

Unleash your team's creative potential with Wrike’s AI capabilities. Automate routine tasks, get risk predictions, generate and summarize content, and enjoy AI-driven optimization, allowing more focus on innovation and design.

Our customers love this feature

“Wrike changed our daily work by providing us with tools for effective project control and risk reduction. This boosts confidence in our performance and diminishes concerns of failure.”

Ricardo da Palma Borges,
Managing Partner, RPBA

Demonstrate your impact

With Wrike, you're more than just a cost center. Our detailed and fully customizable reports help showcase the productivity levels of each individual, team, client, and project. Highlight your contributions and impact with ease and precision.

Our customers love this feature

“Wrike is an incredibly intuitive tool that allows easy recording, reporting, and project management — while not being too scary for creatives to use.”

Cheryl Venable,
Senior Manager of Operations, Creative Center at Sony Pictures Television

Integrate Adobe Creative Cloud

Uplevel your creative process with Wrike's Adobe integration. Work on Adobe files within Wrike, ensuring seamless collaboration and context continuity between design and project management.

Our customers love this feature

“It’s so nice. From InDesign, I just go into the Wrike extension, see what changes need to be made, and then upload a new proof until we land on a final version. I no longer have to adjust my PDF settings, export to desktop, start an email, attach the asset, and send it. I just click the add button in Wrike directly from within InDesign and it's out there.”

Heidi Wessler,
Graphic Design Coordinator, OSF Healthcare

Creative teams, streamlined success

Wrike empowers creative teams of all stripes to excel in their craft and drive impactful results.


Simplify project tracking and resource management with Wrike. Elevate your design process, focusing on creativity while seamlessly creating and sharing your work.



Simplify your writing process from draft to publication with Wrike. Manage deadlines and collaborate on content with ease, keeping your focus on crafting impactful narratives.

Creative leadership

Creative leadership

Gain a comprehensive view of project progress with Wrike. Make strategic decisions easily, balance workloads, and demonstrate the impact of your team's creative efforts.

Creative operations

Creative operations

Orchestrate complex design workflows efficiently with Wrike. Enhance collaboration across departments, manage assets effectively, and ensure consistency in all your design projects.

Simplify complex processes with proven templates

World-class customer stories

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Ready to supercharge your creative process?

With Wrike’s powerful project management tools, your team's productivity and collaboration can reach new heights. Act now - start your free trial or request a demo to witness the transformation.

<p>Ready to supercharge your creative process?</p>
<p>Ready to supercharge your creative process?</p>