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See project progress and keep everyone on the same page with interactive timelines from our project management software.

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Get 360° visibility with Wrike Gantt сharts

Wrike’s Gantt chart software lets you oversee, adjust, and communicate project details, tasks, and timelines. Discover our powerful Gantt chart software with a free trial.


Create dependencies and milestones

Wrike Gantt chart tools allow you to create task dependencies, which will be automatically scheduled after the related task.
Visualizing milestones gives you a better understanding of your project’s progress. Milestones are perfect for marking major events in your project, such as the end of a project phase, important decision points in a project, or critical events.



Reschedule tasks in bulk

Need to adjust your Gantt chart? Easily change dates and deadlines, drag and drop tasks, and reschedule tasks in bulk. When you reschedule a task with dependencies, all dependent active tasks are instantly rescheduled on the project timeline. Our project scheduler’s timeline automatically adjusts around your changes and shares new details with your team in real time.


Share and communicate easily

Wrike’s Gantt chart software makes it easy to share tasks with colleagues using a link. When you adjust assignees, dates, or project duration, your team members will know straight away. You can also print out your Gantt charts.



Import all your data

With Wrike’s Gantt charts, there’s no need to manually copy information from spreadsheets and other project management applications. Import files and all your durations, dependencies, and responsible parties will automatically be carried over.


Access to all you need with Gantt charts

Use our Gantt chart creator to plan projects with a drag-and-drop interface, visualize them with our intuitive timeline view, create dependencies, and more.

<h5>Visualize plans with timelines</h5>
Visualize plans with timelines

Visualize progress and dependencies with our drag-and-drop builder. Our simple user interface allows you to use critical path analysis to spot bottlenecks.

<h5>Manage multiple projects</h5>
Manage multiple projects

Wrike’s Gantt charts allow you to control multiple project plans from one platform, using critical path analysis, snapshots, and baselining.

<h5>Import Microsoft Project files</h5>
Import Microsoft Project files

Add .MPP, .MPX, and .XML tasks to Wrike. All your durations, dependencies, and responsible parties will be carried over.

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Try its power with our pre-built Gantt chart templates

Get more done, faster, with Wrike

Wrike’s Gantt charts will supercharge your project planning, but did you know Wrike offers more project management tools that can transform your work life? Here are just a few.

Time tracking

Wrike has a built-in time-tracker that’s included on every task, so you can keep an eye on how much time each task takes or input the total time spent manually once you’re finished.

Kanban boards

Wrike’s online Kanban boards help teams clarify priorities, achieve better results, and improve productivity in less time. You can also use Kanban to enable Agile and double your productivity.

Project calendar

Use our project calendar to check deadlines, project progression, workload clashes, and potential bottlenecks. It also syncs when details are updated, no matter where changes take place.

<p>Get things done <span class="underlined underlined--color-dark-green">faster</span> with Wrike’s Gantt charts</p>

Get things done faster with Wrike’s Gantt charts

Easy-to-use Gantt chart software

<p>Get things done <span class="underlined underlined--color-dark-green">faster</span> with Wrike’s Gantt charts</p>