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Online Gantt Chart Software

See project progress and keep everyone on the same page with interactive timelines.


Access to all you need with Gantt charts

Use our Gantt chart software to plan projects with a drag-and-drop interface, visualize them with our intuitive timeline view, create dependencies, share snapshots, and do baseline and critical path analysis.

Here’s what our game-changing Gantt charts give you:

<h5>Visualize plans with timelines</h5>
Visualize plans with timelines

Visualize progress and dependencies with our drag-and-drop builder Gantt diagram. Use critical path analysis to spot bottlenecks.

<h5>Manage multiple projects</h5>
Manage multiple projects

Wrike’s Gantt charts allow you to control multiple projects from one platform, using critical path analysis, snapshots, and baselining.

<h5>Import Microsoft Project files</h5>
Import Microsoft Project files

Add .MPP, .MPX, and .XML tasks to Wrike. All your durations, dependencies, and responsible parties will be carried over.

Get 360° visibility in Gantt сharts

Wrike’s Gantt chart software lets you oversee, adjust, and communicate about projects. Understand what you’re doing, how everything is related, and easily share snapshots of progress with your team.

Discover what you can do when you start a trial of our free Gantt chart software.


"For client meetings, we’re able to take a snapshot of the Gantt chart that’s functional, scrollable, and zoomable. Clients love knowing that they can drill down into details or stay high level."

Chad Svedin, Project Manager, House of Design

"When a client needs to know the status of a project, it is as easy as showing them a Gantt chart where they can visualize what is currently happening and what will happen perfectly."

Verónica Sánchez, Senior Implementations Success Partner, Kelly Services

"We don't have a dedicated project coordinator; we all kind of do it ourselves. I use Gantt charts, and I like that capability, and being able to create those dependencies."

Dante Dominick, Marketing Director, Alchemy Systems

Turbocharge your productivity

Gantt charts are just one of Wrike’s trusted features. Our Gantt chart generator helps users manage time efficiently, streamline processes, and prioritize tasks. Discover all of this with a free Gantt chart software trial.

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Streamline your task management

Combine Gantt charts with Kanban boards and templates to break down your workload into manageable chunks and achieve even more.

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Work together from anywhere

Enable your teams to do their best work even when apart with powerful collaboration software they can log into from anywhere.

Utilize time more efficiently

Wrike’s powerful time tracking software makes forecasting more accurate, increases accountability, and simplifies invoicing.

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Enable your team for Agile

Structure your sprints with automatic backlog folder organization, Gantt charts, and ready-made Agile templates.

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Power your processes

Recharge your workflows with automation to avoid repetitive tasks and ensure greater on-time project delivery.

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Empower your enterprise

Align your teams’ work to company goals and improve results with Wrike’s work management for enterprise.

<p>Get things done faster with Wrike’s Gantt charts</p>

Get things done faster with Wrike’s Gantt charts

Easy-to-use Gantt chart software
<p>Get things done faster with Wrike’s Gantt charts</p>