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Boost Your Legal Teams’ Productivity With Wrike

Master large caseloads, track document versions, and save valuable time with Wrike’s all-in-one project management platform.

<p>Boost Your Legal Teams’ Productivity With Wrike</p>


A toolbox of features designed for legal teams

Access powerful features to streamline legal teams’ operations, including caseload planning, secure document management, cross-functional collaboration, and more.

Accelerate work with customizable templates

Kick-start projects fast with Wrike’s tried-and-tested templates. Ideal for repeatable legal filings and mundane paperwork, these tailored templates save time, maintain consistency, and boost productivity — helping teams focus on more valuable work.

Enjoy seamless document navigation and collaboration

Manage versions, track changes, and collaborate on documents in real time with internal and external stakeholders. Say goodbye to endless email chains or lost files. Keep everything secure and accessible in Wrike for smoother, faster processes.


Visualize your workflow with interactive Gantt charts

Get a bird’s-eye view of even the most complex project’s timeline with Gantt charts. Monitor case progress, predict bottlenecks, and simply drag and drop to readjust tasks as needed. Keep everyone in the loop and never miss a deadline again.

Build intelligent task sequencing with dependencies

Use dependencies to make sure every step is followed to complete complex cases. Set dependencies to sequence tasks perfectly, streamlining your workflow, avoiding unnecessary roadblocks, and meeting critical deadlines easily.


Keep communication flowing with external stakeholders

Collaborate on cases with outside colleagues and clients securely and effortlessly. Share documents, receive feedback, coordinate schedules, and issue instant progress or billing reports — all while maintaining tight control over access.

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“Now that I have seen how work can be organized with Wrike, I could not go back to managing my work from my emails or a paper to-do list.” 

Stella Petersen, Head of Legal Operations
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“Wrike changed our daily work by providing us with tools for effective project control and risk reduction. This boosts confidence in our performance and diminishes concerns of failure.” 

Ricardo da Palma Borges, Managing Partner
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“Our teams depend on Wrike’s timesheets every day so that we can monitor time spent on each task and client.” 

Mattia Ronchi, Project Manager, Intelco Italia Informatica

A library of ready-to-go templates tailored for your team