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Public Accountability: The Secret Ingredient to Productive Remote Work

In one of my past companies, we hired a virtual intern using one of the larger remote work services. She was based in Texas, while we were in the San Francisco Bay Area. This led to coordination via email and phone in order to assign and clarify work. But despite the constant communication and our added ability to "peek over her shoulder" via screenshots of her computer desktop, there always seemed to be a disconnect between the instructions and the final deliverable. Things would fall thr...
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50 Productivity Tips to Boost Your Brainpower (Infographic)

The inevitable has happened. It’s... that time of the day. You've completely run out of steam. It’s impossible to focus. You find yourself staring out the window, poking around the kitchen, or reaching for your phone to check social media and text a friend. Your mile-long to-do list is hanging over your shoulder, but you just can’t muster the motivation to do any of it. Give yourself a kick in the pants with these 50 simple productivity tricks and get your to-do list off your back....
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Why You Need to Record Your Project Management Lessons Learned: Tips & Templates

You've checked off the last few tasks on your to-do list, submitted the final deliverable, and shaken hands with a group of happy stakeholders. Time to congratulate your project team on a job well done and pop the champagne!  Wait, what do you mean the project's not finished? Record lessons learned?? Groan.   It can be tough to make time for any kind of retrospective when you've got a slew of urgent new tasks and projects waiting. And if your team has already moved on to new work, it c...
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How to Better Foster Creativity on Teams

Without creative thought, your team can become stagnant — and a company that isn't growing is dying. Over time, even the best people can lose their enthusiasm for finding new approaches. The status quo can feel like quicksand that pulls everyone in and holds them in stasis. With effort and planning, however, you can shape an environment that encourages your team to think outside the box, bringing fresh ideas, growth, and enthusiasm. Make Brainstorming an Agenda Item Experiment to see...
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11 "Internet of Things" Startups to Watch (Infographic)

It's poised to become the largest device market in the world. One research group estimates that by 2019, it will be more than double the size of the smartphone, PC, tablet, connected car, and wearable markets combined.  Samsung even pledged a funding pool of more than $100 million for startups that want to help build the South Korean manufacturer's vision of an entirely open ecosystem for these Net-enabled devices, so that they all speak the same language.  We're talking about the Intern...
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30 Startup Founders Share Their Entrepreneurship Advice

When you've formulated a new business idea in your head, where do you go for advice on how to make your dream a reality? Your parents? Best friend? Google? These sources almost always have opinions to share, but unless your BFF is an entrepreneur, you might be getting just that — an opinion. It's better to take your advice from experts instead.  We asked 30 experienced business founders and CEOs to share their best piece of advice for new entrepreneurs in any space. If you're confuse...
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