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5 Ways Creative Teams Can Boost Productivity

Your big project has a hard deadline in just a few weeks. You host a kickoff meeting with your creative dream team to discuss what needs to get done and when, while the attendees actively jot down notes and ask questions. A week later, during a status update meeting, you discover your team didn't quite understand the project after all. There's confusion around responsibilities, "completed" work has missing pieces, and some critical tasks haven't even been started. And then there's the team...
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20 Must-Read Books for Product Managers & Product Marketers

New to the world of product management and product marketing, or just want to pick up a few new reads to expand your skills? Instead of browsing the bookshelves at your favorite local bookshop and choosing one blind, take a look at our list of top product management and product marketing books for tried-and-true recommendations from the PMM community. Product Managers Product Management for Beginners 1. Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology  Gayl...
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Launch Your Startup in 22 Steps (Checklist + Resources)

It’s 3 AM and you’re staring at the ceiling yet again, absorbed in fantasies of developing your dream product and launching your very own business. If your idle thoughts automatically turn to prototypes and product designs, it’s time to start thinking seriously about founding your own company. But how do you turn an exciting idea into a functional, thriving business? Follow this step-by-step checklist to launch your startup and keep it running strong. Lay the Foundation Don't jus...
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A Day in the Life of a Software Product Manager

You may know the general role of a product manager: they analyze market data and guide the product towards its intended purpose and optimal usefulness. But let's get specific — what does that actually mean in terms of daily tasks? Let's pull a Freaky Friday and step into a software product manager's shoes to see exactly what needs to be done every day. So, imagine you're a software product manager. You're fast asleep, dreaming of happy users and unlimited budgets, when your alarm clock s...
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New Custom Field Formats for More Accurate Project Tracking

Today we're introducing six new Custom Field formats so you can more effectively track the information you need for your projects.  Now in addition to the original dropdown list and text formats, you can select from 6 new formats: 1. Checkbox. Use this Field for yes/no criteria such as "Critical mission" to mark important tasks that require executive review. 2. Number. To make it easier to work with numerical values, we've added separate fields for text and number values. 3. Percent...
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7 Keys to Project Stakeholder Management from the #PMChat Community

Two Wrikers helped host a #PMChat discussion on Twitter last Friday, where a community of project managers comes together once a week to discuss and share knowledge on various topics related to project management. Our team asked everyone to share advice on best practices and common roadblocks in a challenging project management area: stakeholder management. Experienced project managers from around the world shared their wisdom with us, and now we've collected their thoughts here for you....
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