What to expect at Collaborate

Join thousands of attendees worldwide to learn how organizations use Wrike to increase alignment and productivity to focus on high-value work.

<h5>Invaluable executive and customer insights</h5>
Invaluable executive and customer insights

October 23 will kick off with keynote speakers from both Wrike executive leadership and inspiring customers sharing first-hand success stories of achieving more with Wrike as their foundation.

<h5>Learn what’s on the horizon for Wrike</h5>
Product roadmap
Learn what’s on the horizon for Wrike

Our product team will outline what’s ahead for Wrike in 2024 and beyond, highlighting the latest platform innovations, time-saving automations, and groundbreaking AI features.

<h5>Opportunities to upskill and outshine</h5>
Breakout sessions + paid training
Opportunities to upskill and outshine

Whether you’re a beginner, a power user, or considering Wrike, our breakout sessions discuss the tips and tech to help you do less and achieve more. In-depth paid trainings will be held on October 24.

<p>Registration starts in August!</p>

Registration starts in August!

Check back in August to save your spot for Collaborate, and get ready to achieve more with Wrike.

<p>Registration starts in August!</p>