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Project dashboards: The next level of project analytics

Wave goodbye to tedious reports. Our new project management dashboards are easy to build and use, boost visibility, and offer instant actionable insights to managers and execs.


Next-gen analytics at every level

Whether you need individual, team, or executive dashboards, Wrike supports use cases for your team.

Analyze and report on marketing performance

Analyze and report on marketing performance

Monitor campaign progress and show your team’s impact with a visual snapshot that’s easily shareable. Track performance with dashboards that analyze the data for you.

Simplify client management

Simplify client management

Access real-time data across your client and project portfolio. Report on capacity, effort, budget, and time tracking metrics for heightened productivity.

Get complete project portfolio visibility and control

Get complete project portfolio visibility and control

Use dashboards for enhanced project tracking, creating new opportunities for workflow optimization and operational efficiency.

Highly visual, data-rich project dashboards

Get a detailed overview of project data and team progress with Wrike’s new dashboards.

Personalize dashboards to get the info you need

Tailor your dashboards to reflect your business objectives and track corresponding data accurately with customizable widgets, including calendar and chart views.

Work cross-functionally

Connect data insights across all workflows and teams in Wrike. Easily collaborate and share dashboards between Wrike and non-Wrike users.

Amplify insights with interactive widgets

Visualize critical data in real time with our dynamic activity stream widget. This new feature allows you to see every task and project update chronologically.

Align work projects with company strategy

View programs that align with overarching company goals and easily drill down into individual project progress and team activities.

The next generation of Wrike dashboards

Customize your project management dashboard with new widget options for better project tracking and analysis.

Activity stream widget

Activity stream widget

Experience collaboration at its finest — get instant visibility into all project activity in chronological order. Save time with a quick overview of ongoing activities AND visualize how the activities impact overall initiatives.

Pivot tables

Pivot tables

Pivot tables are your trusty sidekick in quickly summarizing large piles of data. Use them to save time and anticipate questions for big meetings in a snap.

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Use your other favorite Wrike features with new dashboards

New dashboards enable you to gather everything individuals, teams, and execs need to succeed in one place.

<h5>Custom views</h5>
Custom views

View the info you need in any format, from pivot tables for in-depth data analysis to activity streams for day-to-day updates.

<h5>Advanced analytics</h5>
Advanced analytics

Display information in more advanced views like scatter plots with advanced analytics.

<h5>Custom fields</h5>
Custom fields

Filter and calculate information from custom fields and display them in any of your dashboard widgets.