Wrike Engineering

Wrike is a leading collaborative work management platform that helps 20,000+ companies in over 140 countries manage their businesses, projects, and employees.

Behind the scenes, we have more than 250 engineers developing the Wrike product. We’re growing and looking for colleagues to join our diverse group across the globe.

<p>Wrike Engineering</p>

How we work

Product engineering

Our units consist of two to four Scrum teams that work on product verticals. These cross-functional teams connect Wrikers from different functions: product, UX, analytics, and engineering (backend and frontend developers, and QA and automation engineers). Some specialists may contribute to the success of several teams at once. The team’s scope also may change depending on the company’s goal.

Internal engineering

Internal teams speed up development processes, ensuring system flexibility, stable code base, and quality adherence. This is achieved through tooling, platform refinements, shared libraries (like our UI Kit), and devtools. Other specialized teams, such as DevOps, ITOps, SysOps, and SecOps, ensure infrastructure and security. Expert architects oversee the product cross-functionally.

How Wrike supports the professional development of its engineers

Meet Ilya Shubik, VP of Engineering, sharing his perspective on the key success factors, development opportunities, and the rewarding aspects of being part of our engineering team.
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What does the path from task to deployment look like?

<p>What’s <span class="underlined underlined--color-green">special</span> about Wrike?<br></p>

What’s special about Wrike?

You can say that all of the above are the standard when it comes to a product company with streamlined processes. But what’s special about Wrike?

Our values

<h5>Move Fast. Then, Move Faster</h5>
Move Fast. Then, Move Faster

Take charge and grow bravely

Stay open to discussions, aim high with goals, and learn from every experience. Embrace change, be flexible, and fuel our collective progress with your swift adaptations.

<h5>Be Better Than the Competition</h5>
Be Better Than the Competition

Outpace competitors — stay a step ahead

Stay curious about industry trends, welcome new ideas, and seek feedback. Foster a respectful and open team environment that learns from mistakes and adapts quickly, giving us the competitive edge.

<h5>Deliver Business Outcomes&nbsp;</h5>
Deliver Business Outcomes 

Execute effectively — make it happen

Stay nimble, turn hurdles into stepping stones, and ace project completion. Avoid perfectionism, propose proactive solutions, and help us make a real difference with your outcome-oriented mindset.

<h5>We Win Together</h5>
We Win Together

Collaborate actively

Prioritize teamwork over silos and solve problems together with your team, sharing the load and triumphs. Keep us moving forward with your take-charge attitude and nitiative.

<h5>Know Our Customers</h5>
Know Our Customers

Be the hero our customers need

Your work on features tackles real customer problems, not just our edge cases. Your customer-centric approach isn’t just coding — it’s creating solutions that matter.

<h5>Have Courage</h5>
Have Courage

Embrace change, shake things up, and stay on your toes

Be bold, question decisions, and prioritize tasks with clear business outcomes. Adapt swiftly, bring in fresh ideas, and keep us ahead with your courage and curiosity.

Our hiring process

first step

HR interview

During this step we introduce Wrike, your role’s responsibilities, and the team. We’ll discuss your experiences and expectations, and you’ll also have an opportunity to ask us anything about Wrike Engineering that might interest you.

first step

second step

Technical interview

We’ll discuss several code-related tasks, focusing on approaches and solutions that you propose. You’ll be asked to write sample code, but we don’t require you to run it during the interview. We’ll also talk about your previous projects, our stack and projects, and answer your questions.

second step

third step

Final interview

The main objective of this step is to match expectations on both sides. We’ll discuss Wrike’s core values, processes, daily life in the office, and your previous experience. We’ll talk about the projects you’ll work on, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on these topics. Our goal is to address any questions you may have during this step.

third step