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For small teams who need basic task management with limited planning and reporting.

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For small to medium teams who need project planning, management, and collaboration.



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For teams who need advanced reporting, analytics, security, and customization.

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For small teams who need basic task management

5 users Free


For teams who need project planning and collaboration

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For teams who need customization, reporting and advanced security

From 5 to thousands
of users
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Users 5 5, 15 5,15,25,50 and more
This license is perfect for involving contractors, clients and teammates from other departments absolutely for free. Collaborators cannot create and edit tasks, but can discuss them, upload files and mark tasks complete.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage space 2 Gb From 5Gb From 100Gb
Hierarchy of projects (folders) 2 levels Unlimited levels Unlimited levels
Basic Features
Manage tasks
Have urgent tasks and need to place them on the top of the list? Simply drag-and-drop tasks with your mouse and rank them any way you want.
Discussions in tasks
View discussions in the task context. In Wrike, it's possible to add comments to tasks not only online, but also via email. You can also easily quote previous comments or task description and invite your teammates to discussions by adding @TeammateName in a comment.
File sharing
Wrike connects all files related to a particular task in one place. Your team can edit them online without downloading, and you'll see the most recent versions right away.
Real-time Activity Stream
See your projects updates live in the Activity Stream just like you do in Facebook. You can quickly filter updates by a particular project and join the team's discussions of important tasks right away!
Spreadsheet View
Extremely handy for editing plenty of tasks at once. Particularly useful for those who are used to handling projects in spreadsheets.
iPhone and Android apps
Wherever you are, the apps ensure that you will not miss a single important project update.
Advanced email integration
Simply forward important emails to Wrike saves them as tasks and reminds you when the deadlines approach. Additionally, you can update your tasks' status and discuss them right from your email!
Basic Integrations Google Drive, Dropbox, Box,
OneDrive and iCal
Google Drive, Dropbox, Box,
OneDrive and iCal
Google Drive, Dropbox, Box,
OneDrive and iCal
Professional Features
Dynamic timeline (Gantt Chart)
The favorite feature of thousands of Wrike customers. Thanks to the drag-and-drop support, it saves loads of time on scheduling and visualization of project plans. You can also share Timeline Snapshot with anyone who doesn't have Wrike account.
Subtasks help you break your large goals into small, actionable items. You can easily track overall parent task completion via the progress bar and get clear insight into individual contributions.
Mass actions with tasks
A great time-saver, as it allows editing multiple tasks in one click! Basic actions: "Mark as completed," "Move to folder," and "Delete." Advanced: "Reassign," "Reschedule," and "Convert to the backlog."
Advanced Advanced
Helps you become more productive by giving you a snapshot of your tasks planned for today and this week, as well as overdue tasks across all your projects. Custom widgets let you monitor groups of tasks that matter to you the most, such as milestones due this week, new tasks created today and so on.
With custom widgets, 10 shareable dashboards With custom widgets, 20 shareable dashboards
Workload view
A faithful assistant in monitoring and optimizing your team's workload. Allows you to allocate people to tasks and projects, resolve schedule conflicts, and reorganize assignments with just a few clicks.
Track the time spent on a particular task and create time reports for a group of tasks at any given moment.
An amazingly handy tool to put a particular slice of task at your fingertips. Basic filters include task status, assignee, and the timeframe that the task duration fits in. Basic filters in the Activity Stream allow you to track updates in all tasks that you follow. Advanced filters let you see the tasks by the last modified date, completion date, task author, creation date, start date, due date and task type. Advanced filters in the Activity Stream let you broaden the flow of updates to all tasks and projects in your workspace, and narrow down to tasks assigned only to you.
Advanced Advanced
Email Add-ins
Unique add-ins for Outlook and Apple Mail let you discuss tasks in real-time, edit task information collaboratively and track progress, all in the reading pane, within one e-mail.
Outlook, Apple Mail Outlook, Apple Mail
Additional Integrations
Mix and match! Power up your project management experience with Wrike by using the powerful integrations!
MS Project, Excel, iCal, RSS MS Project, Excel, iCal, RSS
Notification center
A notification bar at the top of the workspace instantly shows the new @mentions, your new assignments, and overdue tasks. You can see a counter of the unviewed updates and can take action from the notification.
Enterprise features
Custom Fields
Add your own Custom Fields to any project or task for budgeting, prioritization, customized status of work or tracking whatever matters to your business. Use data from custom fields to create dashboards with the information most relevant to your business.
Custom Workflows
Create your own unique workflows for different teams, use to create queues and reporting by stage of work.
Critical Path
Visualize how project activities fit together to identify critical areas that require extra resources to ensure project success.
Real-Time Reports
The powerful and easy-to-use report builder lets you visualize project and team performance in an easily digestible format. Endless custom options enable you to slice and dice data for the richest insights. Out-of-the-box Baseline and Work Progress charts help you keep your work on track.
User groups
Group your team members (e.g. accounting, marketing, design etc.) for easier user management and control.
Custom calendars
Achieve perfect accuracy in organizing the team's working schedules by adding their vacations, public holidays, and sick leaves.
Make collaboration with Salesforce users faster and easier. This integration enables Salesforce users to create and assign new Wrike tasks and see the status of Wrike tasks from within Salesforce.
Single Sign On
Single sign-on via corporate credentials enabled by Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google Apps, and Okta.
Extended security controls
Control user's email addresses and file repositories to avoid any privacy issues.
Folder permissions
Advanced privacy settings on the folder level allow you to control team activity in that folder.
Branded Workspace
Align the look and feel of your Wrike workspace by replacing the Wrike logo with your own.

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