Wrike Scrum Guide

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Scrum is an Agile project management methodology that offers a structure for teams to deliver incrementally while prioritizing efficient planning, collaborative execution, and continuous improvement. In this Scrum guide, you’ll gain a better understanding of this Agile framework including roles, ceremonies, and essential Scrum software

For most Scrum teams, the need for fast, iterative development requires a commitment to building and maintaining an effective Scrum environment. This means adhering to standardized processes and best practices. Like any other project management framework or methodology, Scrum isn’t without its challenges. Scrum teams can face obstacles and roadblocks, especially when executing at scale

Though initially conceived for software and IT-focused environments, today, Scrum is often adapted for industries like product development, manufacturing, and even marketing. Scrum is also used by leading organizations, enabling them to innovate faster and deliver better customer value. 

Whether you’re just getting started with Scrum or reading up on Agile frameworks, this guide is your introduction to Scrum basics, FAQs, and key terminology. This Scrum guide will cover the people, processes, and tools that give Scrum teams an edge.

Get a detailed overview of what a product owner does and why the Scrum master’s servant leadership role is essential. Learn more about Scrum basics like sprint planning and discover best practices for hosting more successful daily Scrum meetings and sprint retrospectives.

We hope this Scrum guide will give you a greater understanding of how Scrum works, who makes it work, and the different environments it can work in.

What's in the Scrum Guide?

<h5>What Is the Scrum Methodology?</h5>
What Is the Scrum Methodology?
<h5>Guide to Scrum Sprints</h5>
Guide to Scrum Sprints
<h5>Scrum Sprint Planning</h5>
Scrum Sprint Planning
<h5>The Complete Guide to Scrum Ceremonies</h5>
The Complete Guide to Scrum Ceremonies
<h5>The Ultimate Guide to Sprint Retrospectives</h5>
The Ultimate Guide to Sprint Retrospectives
<h5>Daily Scrum Meetings</h5>
Daily Scrum Meetings
<h5>Scrum of Scrums Meeting</h5>
Scrum of Scrums Meeting
<h5>Introduction to Scrum Team and Roles</h5>
Introduction to Scrum Team and Roles
<h5>What Is a Scrum Product Owner?</h5>
What Is a Scrum Product Owner?
<h5>What Is a Scrum Master?</h5>
What Is a Scrum Master?
<h5>Best Scrum Software and Tools for 2021</h5>
Best Scrum Software and Tools for 2021
<h5>A Complete Guide to Scrum Boards</h5>
A Complete Guide to Scrum Boards
<h5>Scrum Glossary</h5>
Scrum Glossary