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Your all-in-one finance management platform

Manage all your financial tasks with Wrike, from external invoices to internal budgets.

<p><span>Your all-in-one finance management platform</span></p>


Equip your finance team with Wrike’s powerful features

Whether you’re forecasting budgets, crunching numbers for a merger, or reviewing contracts, Wrike can help.

Centralize incoming requests

Say goodbye to chaos. With Wrike, all your finance requests flow in through one channel. 

Manage everything from budget amendments to cost center queries in one place.

Enhance cross-team collaboration

Increase alignment of multifunctional teams with cross-tagging and @mentions. 

Customize your workflows

Work your way with Wrike’s customizable workflows. 

Design and implement workflows that align with your finance team’s processes, add approvals, and assign items to the right person.

Manage M&A operations

Simplify your mergers and acquisitions with Wrike. 

Track due diligence tasks, integrate teams effectively, and ensure key deadlines are met. With Wrike, you can tackle the complexities of M&As with ease.

Eliminate routine tasks

Transform recurring tasks into automatic processes with trigger-action capabilities.

Save time on tedious admin so you can focus on analyzing budgets and making strategic decisions.

Optimize budget management

Ready to leave spreadsheet headaches behind? Manage and forecast your budgets directly in Wrike.

Gain real-time insights and keep your spending plans on track.

Simplify financial approvals

Be it a spending approval or invoice sign-off, Wrike provides a clear, organized platform to ensure swift and secure approvals.

Edit, approve, and store multiple versions of documents securely with Wrike.

Discover Wrike’s ready-to-use templates for financial teams