Join Wrike’s Partner Program

Earn money by referring your website visitors and clients to the most
practical project management software.

Wrike offers two ways to participate:


Open referral program

  • Simple registration and then you’re ready
    to refer customers today
  • 100% commission for first month
  • No ongoing commitments

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Certified Reseller and service provider

  • Recurring revenue on renewal
    from customers
  • Sales training to teach you how to sell Wrike
  • Opportunity for implementation/services
Wrike’s Affiliate Program
How does it work?

1 You refer a person to Wrike using
your personal link.

2 The person signs up for any of Wrike’s
paid subscription plans.

3 You earn up to 100% commission on
the first payment of the customer.

How much will I earn?

You get a 100% commission on the first
payment if a customer signs up for
monthly billing plan.

If a customer signs up for a yearly
billing plan and prepays for the whole year, you get an 8.5% commission from the first payment. To avoid artificially inflated commissions, we only pay commissions for accounts that pay
for at least two months.

If your commission is higher than $100
in any calendar month, we will add a $50
bonus to your earnings!

Why join?

Wrike is the leader in on-demand project management. It has won awards such as the Gartner 2014 “Cool Vendor” in Social Software and Collaboration. Wrike is a growing platform, with thousands of registered users. It is easy to set up. Join the affiliate program, get all the materials you need, and start earning money.

90-day buy window. Even if your referred customers do not sign up right away, we will pay you commission for those who subscribe directly on up to 90 days after they click on a link on your website. (Note: we can only track this if they do not clear their cookies.) Our program is free. It will not cost you anything to become a Wrike affiliate. You get up-to-date reports on your referred sales; at any time you can check how much you have earned. We will also provide you with a full set of promotional materials.