Join the Wrike solution partner program

Our mutual customers want to make their teams insanely productive and our Solution Partner Program is built for partners like you who are interested in driving a total solution: Product + Services = Success. Wrike is easy to implement on the technical side, yet new users will need your help to build new productivity and collaboration habits.

How Does it Work?

Apply for the Wrike Solution Partner Program right now and our Partner Manager will contact you shortly for a short qualification call/chat.

As you join the Solution Partner Program, you’ll be able to refer your customers to Wrike by claiming newly referred leads.

You earn a commission when your referred leads sign up for any of Wrike’s paid subscription plans — after a 45-day verification period.

As a Wrike Solution Partner, you’ll be responsible not only for generating leads (with a commitment of five [5] leads per month), but also for possible nurturing, training, and upselling to referred leads.

You’ll gain access to real-time reports on generated trials, paid subscriptions, and commissions earned.

We’ll provide you with Wrike’s best marketing, sales, and implementation materials. Feel free to use them as much as you need to generate high-quality leads and upsell your current paying accounts.

How much will I earn?

We offer lifetime commissions for all payments and upgrades from all sales you generate. You’ll get 20% commission from all annual payments and upgrades and 10% commission from all monthly payments.

To avoid billing discrepancies, we only pay commissions at least 45 days after the customer payment.

When you provide Wrike implementation or your own professional services, you keep 100% of that revenue.

Additional Bonuses

Free 15-user Wrike Enterprise account if you fulfill all partner commitments.

Various sales, marketing, and implementation materials to generate more leads and upsell existing customers.

Support and tips from our experienced Wrike Partner managers.

What is the Wrike Solution Partner Program Commitment?

As a member of Wrike Solution Partner Program, you commit to generating at least five [5] leads per month.

You are required to complete Wrike training and certification so that we are sure that you can explain all the benefits of Wrike to your leads.

If you’d rather skip these commitments, check out Wrike Nation, our affiliate program that offers great commissions as well.

Why Should I Join?

Wrike is a great complementary solution to your customers if you are a consultant for Project Management, Productivity, Cloud Solutions, Marketing Automation, and other similar professional services.

Wrike is a popular project collaboration software with a rapidly growing customer base. The combination of intuitive interface, powerful features and flexibility distinguishes Wrike from its competitors, making it the ultimate choice for many customers.

Wrike’s Solution Partner Program is free to join. The only investment required to become a Solution Partner is to go though our training and certification process. As you join, we’ll provide you with access to up-to-date reports on your referred sales and an extensive set of promotional, sales, and implementation materials.

Please read the description of the Solution Partner Program before applying.

Detailed reporting to track your awesome results

Gain access to real-time reports on generated trials, paid subscriptions, and commissions earned — even from your mobile. That’s what we call the best-in-class partner reporting.

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