Master education project management with Wrike

Simplify academic project coordination and optimize learning resources with our comprehensive platform.

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<p><span>Master education project management with Wrike</span></p>


Top-class features for educational institutions

Want better collaboration, project planning, and resource management? You need Wrike — the all-in-one solution for the education sector.

Create true collaboration across campus

Break down the silos and enhance communication among students, teachers, departments, and faculties Wrike provides a central place for discussions, file sharing, and shared projects — making teamwork a breeze.

Simplify academic project planning

Tackle complex academic projects with Wrike. Visualize your project timeline, track progress, and adjust schedules in real time. Use templates to get projects started faster and Gantt charts to manage dependencies.

Optimize your resource allocation

Get the most out of your teaching resources with Wrike. Balance workloads, assign tasks based on capacity and skills, and prevent burnout among the staff.

Centralize your document management

Wave goodbye to lost files, versioning chaos, and slow approvals. With Wrike, all your documents are organized in one place, making it easy to review and approve files at any time.

Boost your campus marketing initiatives

Coordinate your university’s marketing efforts with Wrike. Create and track marketing tasks, deadlines, resources, and deliverables to engage students and stakeholders alike.


Dive into insightful project reports

Stay informed with Wrike’s real-time reporting. Customize your reports to see the data you want to see — monitor project performance, resource allocation, and more to make strategic decisions.

Tailored Wrike templates for teachers and academic personnel

Kick-start your educational projects with Wrike’s customizable templates. From project scheduling to documentation, each template is guaranteed to save you valuable time.

<h5>Project schedule<br></h5>
Project schedule

Keep track of project timelines, milestones, and dependencies with our project schedule template. It ensures every educational project is well planned and executed with precision.

<h5>Actionable meeting notes<br></h5>
Actionable meeting notes

Turn meeting notes into tasks that actually get done. This template is all about follow-through, helping you track progress and keep everyone on your team in sync.

<h5>Event planning<br></h5>
Event planning

Coordinate and execute successful school events, conferences, or seminars using our event planning template. Plan in detail and manage your events effectively from start to finish.

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“In our case, we needed a workflow management platform, so Wrike was a brilliant option for us, particularly for the project management side of things. Wrike makes things easier and clearer, which in turn makes things consistent.”

Dave Rorke, Project Officer, University New South Wales