Wrike launches project management tool for marketers

"the product was designed around the typical marketing workflow, which often revolves around briefs, requests, assignments, reviews and approvals. The Wrike team also noticed that a lot of the creative work in marketing agencies happens in Adobe tools like Photoshop and InDesign. To integrate these into Wrike, the company built an extension for the Adobe Creative Cloud that brings some of Wrike’s features right into Adobe’s tools."

Why Cloud collaboration is becoming a serious competitor to established enterprise collaboration systems

There is a cambrian explosion of tools in the cloud happening at the moment. As the security continues to increase, and as consumer demand for easier user experience and mobility grow, these systems will make more sense to organisations as replacements for their aging enterprise collaboration systems. The continued migration to the cloud for businesses of all sizes is inevitable.

Silicon Valley company hiring San Diegans

You can now get a Silicon Valley job without leaving San Diego. Wrike chose to expand in San Diego over places like Chicago, Phoenix, and Raleigh, N.C. Most of the local job openings will be for the sales team, but customer service jobs are available too.

The Startup Marathon: How One Founder Avoids Burnout

Burnout is a real threat in Silicon Valley, and anywhere else high expectations demand high performance. Three things carried Andrew Filev through these times: his love for the mission, a sense of responsibility for the team, and managing his own limits. Building a company starts with a sprint, but it turns into a marathon.

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Wrike for Marketers: Simplifying Work and Freeing Creatives from Technology Overload

Wrike introduces Wrike for Marketers, a new vertical solution developed specially for marketing and creative teams to streamline the creative process. The solution is based on Wrike’s core work management platform, with added capabilities specific to helping marketers define, plan and execute standout campaigns in a real-time, multichannel digital world.

Wrike Introduces “Requests” To Streamline Teamwork and Manage Multitasking

“Work typically comes in through multiple channels, whether it’s in email, instant messages, or hallway conversations, so there is no consolidated place to see all the new work that gets piled on you every day,” said Andrew Filev, founder and CEO of Wrike. “As the number of messaging channels and digital tools proliferate in the workplace, workers are finding it more challenging to manage and process their incoming requests."

Wrike Announces New Office and 150 Jobs for San Diego

Seth Shaw, Wrike's Chief Revenue Officer, says the San Diego office is a vital strategic asset to the company. "We're thrilled to expand to San Diego and open this location as a launch pad for our growth here. We've been really impressed with the high caliber of talent in the region and the enthusiasm for growing professionally in a startup environment."

Wrike Integrates with Microsoft to Strengthen Team Productivity

“The partnership between Microsoft and Wrike is the next step in creating a truly collaborative real-time enterprise where the trusted tools we use to create our work are integrated with dynamic tools we use to organize, share, and move work forward,” said Andrew Filev, founder and CEO of Wrike.

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