Most popular project management software

We were curious to see which apps are most popular among our users and we dove into our own data for answers. Key findings: Wrike is the most wanted project management app in the US.

Star Wars and C-3PO perpetuated myths about workplace automation

In an ideal system, automation doesn’t replace human thought but augments it by providing better information and by offloading repetitive tasks to software. The goal is to supplement the human mind to bring out the best quality of work from your most talented employees.

Project management is critical for marketing success in a digital era

Project managers no longer have to wait for scheduled meetings to discuss a project’s progress with participants and stakeholders. Collaboration solutions combine project management with document management that appeals to today’s social media-geared workers. Software like Wrike gives team members a central location to communicate with each other and clients, pull reports, and upload documents for editing and approval.

The Best Project Management Software of 2017

If your teams juggle deadlines, resources, and deliverables, you need a dedicated project management service. PC Mag tests and compares the top services to help keep it all on track.

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Bay Area News Group Names Wrike A Winner of the Bay Area 2017 Top Workplaces Award for 3rd Straight Year

“We couldn’t be a leader in our space without the best talent, and we couldn’t have the best talent without having the kind of rewarding environment that lets workers shine at what they do,” said Wrike CEO Andrew Filev. “Of all the awards, this one might be the most rewarding for me personally. I couldn’t be prouder of the culture we’ve built here at Wrike and looking forward to the next chapter of our journey.”

Wrike Announces Integration with Microsoft Teams

Wrike, a work management software for high-performance teams, today announced its integration with Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace in Office 365. The integration allows Wrike to offer powerful collaborative work management tools to Office 365's 85 million monthly active users.

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