Beating The Post-Summer Slump: Tips To Boost Your Team's Morale

Fall signals the end of outdoor concerts, barbecues, picnics, vacations, festivals and friends. It’s also a time when many people go into a post-summer slump. So how do you help your team stay energized and enthused when facing an “end-of-summer and back to work” reality? Andrew Filev has some good ideas.

#NoFilter: Profanity Pervades Modern Offices

Find yourself hearing a lot more colorful language at work these days? You're not alone. The continuing trend toward the casualization of the work place has lead to a relaxing of expectations around how we talk at work, too. A study from Wrike revealed that nearly 60 percent of employees admit to cursing at work.

You Don’t Need to Be a Unicorn Startup to Have Great Perks

If you ask anyone from outside of Silicon Valley what they think perks at tech startups are like, you may find that some have a slightly distorted view of reality. If Silicon Valley has a reputation for being over the top with perks, it’s because the competition for talent is high. For small companies, it means being inventive to stand out.

Do You Have A Problem With Swearing At Work?

Research suggests that a majority curse at work, but it still makes many uncomfortable. A recent survey of 1,542 American workers by Wrike, found that 57% of respondents admit to swearing in the workplace. Of those who do, 93% have colleagues that also openly swear in the workplace, compared to 63% of those who censor themselves.

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Wrike Announces New Partnership with Unito and a Two-way Synchronization with JIRA

Wrike announced a partnership with synchronization developer Unito that allows Wrike tasks and projects to stay synced with issues in JIRA. The new JIRA and Wrike synchronization allows cross-functional teams to discuss work, share statuses, and update shared dashboards without having to login to multiple tools to post new information.

Wrike for Marketers: Simplifying Work and Freeing Creatives from Technology Overload

Wrike introduces Wrike for Marketers, a new vertical solution developed specially for marketing and creative teams to streamline the creative process. The solution is based on Wrike’s core work management platform, with added capabilities specific to helping marketers define, plan and execute standout campaigns in a real-time, multichannel digital world.

Wrike Introduces “Requests” To Streamline Teamwork and Manage Multitasking

“Work typically comes in through multiple channels, whether it’s in email, instant messages, or hallway conversations, so there is no consolidated place to see all the new work that gets piled on you every day,” said Andrew Filev, founder and CEO of Wrike. “As the number of messaging channels and digital tools proliferate in the workplace, workers are finding it more challenging to manage and process their incoming requests."

Wrike Announces New Office and 150 Jobs for San Diego

Seth Shaw, Wrike's Chief Revenue Officer, says the San Diego office is a vital strategic asset to the company. "We're thrilled to expand to San Diego and open this location as a launch pad for our growth here. We've been really impressed with the high caliber of talent in the region and the enthusiasm for growing professionally in a startup environment."

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