Now Is The Perfect Time For Entrepreneurs To Revamp Their Workplace Routines

To get some ideas on getting your life in order with some spring cleaning, I spoke with Andrew Filev, Founder and CEO of the work management software provider Wrike. Andrew is a self-professed productivity geek who spends a lot of time thinking about how teams and individuals can work better together. He gave me some tips for how he organizes his spring-time to stay productive, and uses the season to position himself and his business to carry momentum into the rest of the year.

7 Tips For Becoming Irreplaceable In An Age Of Machines

Self-checkouts are everywhere. Self-driving cars are in the works. Machine learning is being used by a growing number of businesses to maximize efficiency. In short, automation is increasingly becoming a part of the landscape for more and more jobs--skilled and unskilled alike. So how can you make sure yours is secure as we barrel into the future?

Why Automation Is An Opportunity, Not A Threat, For Creatives

For knowledge workers, staying on top of the technology that will ultimately replace or transform their jobs is key to surviving in the new economy. And fortunately, more often than not automation aides in work more so than completely eliminates it.

How BYOA is shaping the future of collaboration

We’ve reached a familiar turning point in history. Like the introduction of railroads in the 1800s and the rise of aviation in the 1920s, we are at yet another point where those who embrace new technology make it increasingly hard for non-adopters to keep up. This time, it’s the spread of enterprise mobility and collaboration tools that’s setting the pace.

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Bay Area News Group Names Wrike A Winner of the Bay Area 2017 Top Workplaces Award for 3rd Straight Year

“We couldn’t be a leader in our space without the best talent, and we couldn’t have the best talent without having the kind of rewarding environment that lets workers shine at what they do,” said Wrike CEO Andrew Filev. “Of all the awards, this one might be the most rewarding for me personally. I couldn’t be prouder of the culture we’ve built here at Wrike and looking forward to the next chapter of our journey.”

Wrike Announces Integration with Microsoft Teams

Wrike, a work management software for high-performance teams, today announced its integration with Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace in Office 365. The integration allows Wrike to offer powerful collaborative work management tools to Office 365's 85 million monthly active users.

Wrike CEO Andrew Filev to Present at The Montgomery Summit

Wrike, the work management software for high-performance teams, has been selected for the second consecutive year to present at the annual Montgomery Summit, the leading business and technology conference that will take place in Santa Monica, Calif. on March 8 and 9.

Wrike Selected to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ for Second Consecutive Year

"We are once again honored to be recognized by Deloitte as one of the fasted growing companies in North America. From day one, our mission has been to make teams insanely productive. We are constantly innovating to remove the roadblocks of digital work that are preventing teams from accelerating their business outcomes," said Wrike CEO Andrew Filev

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