Gmail Project Management & Time Tracking Integration Software

Increase productivity and save time by capturing work from email and managing tasks right in Gmail on web and Android.

Enter your business email

Main features

Create Wrike tasks from emails

View and edit tasks, with images and text formatting

Collaborate directly on Wrike tasks

Work in Wrike without leaving Gmail

Increase your team’s productivity by moving work from email to Wrike

Capture work from email

  • Easily create new tasks from emails
  • Email content is added to the task description
  • See additional task details, and make updates in Gmail or Wrike
  • Complete tasks, change status, and assign/un-assign tasks

Work Collaboration

  • Add emails as task comments
  • See your team’s changes to tasks
  • Send and receive Wrike comments, in Gmail
  • Collaborate on tasks with users who are in Gmail, Wrike on web, or any Wrike app

Accomplish More

  • View and edit existing tasks associated with Wrike email notifications
  • See images and rich text formatting
  • Access and download task attachments
  • Use Wrike to track and report on work coming from email

Connection to Wrike

Multiple Platforms

  • Gmail on web
  • Gmail on Android

How to use it now

Ensure you have a Gmail for business or personal Gmail account, then:

Visit the Wrike for Gmail page in the G Suite Marketplace

Follow the instructions in the G Suite Marketplace

Gmail on web: Open an email and click the Wrike logo in the add-on panel to the right of the email

Gmail on mobile: Open an email and tap the Wrike logo in the “Available add-ons” section under the email

To see everything you can accomplish with Wrike, take our product tour.
Visit our Help Center to learn more about Wrike for Gmail.

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Setting up the Gmail integration for Wrike is simple. Install Wrike for G Suite in the G Suite Marketplace and begin creating, editing, and collaborating on tasks from within your inbox.
Once you’ve installed the Wrike for G Suite add on, you will be able to access Wrike through Gmail. Users can easily create tasks and convert emails by selecting the green Wrike checkmark on the right-hand side of their Gmail inbox window. Clicking “Calendars” and “Inbox” will also open Wrike in a new browser window, so getting to your work is simple, quick, and efficient.
Yes! It is possible to turn emails into Wrike tasks. First, go to the email you’d like to turn into a Wrike task, then click the green Wrike checkmark on the right-hand side of your email browser screen. You will then be prompted to “create a task from the Gmail”.
Collaborating on tasks through Gmail is easy and flexible. Through Gmail, you can create a task, turn emails into tasks, and even comment directly on a task by replying to a Wrike email notification as if you were replying to a regular email!