Accelerate How Your Teams Deliver Healthcare

Use powerful automation to schedule staff, approve documents, and manage projects with Wrike’s award-winning work app.
<p>Accelerate How Your Teams Deliver Healthcare</p>


Andrea Bonk, Program Manager of Market Research and Operations for OSF Marketing and Communications, OSF HealthCare logo

“Because we have Wrike and the Adobe extension, the ability to proof, load, and comment was easily 50% faster than it would have been otherwise to send a one-off, high-priority patient email communication.”

Simplify your healthcare operations

Track staff schedules

Sync meetings, add event dates, and manage staff timetables with shared calendars. Use layers to compare team schedules.

Standardize your requests

Get purpose-built forms that automatically create, prioritize, and assign tasks to the right team whenever a request is made.

Simplify policy sign-off

Approve documents, images, and PDFs faster and more efficiently with Wrike’s built-in, easy-to-use proofing and approvals.

Prioritize busy workloads

Help teams manage both large-scale projects and daily tasks with custom dashboards. Track progress across the organization.

Share project progress

Track team, individual, or project results with an intuitive report builder. Build from scratch, use templates, or customize.

Maximize your resources

Balance team workloads, track time, improve planning, and manage budgets in real-time with powerful resource management.

Save time with ready-made templates for healthcare teams

Create smart workflows that do the heavy lifting for your team’s most common processes.
<p>Help your teams focus on what matters</p>

Help your teams focus on what matters

Easy-to-use healthcare work management

<p>Help your teams focus on what matters</p>