Project Management Guide for 2024

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Haven't started the project
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Planning the project
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Welcome to the Project Management Guide by Wrike

Everyone manages projects — even if “project manager” isn’t your official title. Whether you’re a marketer, a creative director, or an IT professional, project management is essential to achieving business objectives.

Project management can be defined as the process of creating, organizing, and executing a plan to meet specific goals. However, project management is much greater than its definition. It’s a vast subject covering a wide variety of topics.

Here at Wrike, we’re passionate about project management because it can increase organizational efficiencies, boost team performance, and impact the bottom line. However, we realize not everyone is a project manager by trade. Although project management is common in all aspects of business, understanding its complex concepts and terminologies can help you take your project managing career to the next level.

We’ve put together our project management guide to introduce you to some of these concepts and terms, and provide you with strategies and best practices to improve your project management process. We’ve also linked to an abundance of articles on the Wrike blog, as well as other Wrike eBooks, videos, and infographics. We hope you enjoy it!

What's in the project management guide

<h5>Project Management Basics</h5>
Project Management Basics
<h5>Project Management Methodologies</h5>
Project Management Methodologies
<h5>Project Management Life Cycle</h5>
Project Management Life Cycle
<h5>Project Management Software</h5>
Project Management Software
<h5>Team Collaboration Tips</h5>
Team Collaboration Tips
<h5>Agile Methodology Basics</h5>
Agile Methodology Basics
<h5>Agile Project Management Tools & Techniques</h5>
Agile Project Management Tools & Techniques
<h5>Project Management Frameworks</h5>
Project Management Frameworks