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Wrike was built for collaboration. We work tirelessly to deliver
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Make sure all of your projects are staying on track, and that you’ve
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Once you’re up and running, boost your team’s performance
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Create a task and get going
Organize everything you need to complete your project in one spot. Break large goals into manageable pieces, attach files, and set due dates. Easily track overall progress and individual contribution.
Engage your team
@mention the teammates you need to get the job done and they’ll instantly see your message right in their workspace. Need to share it with a consultant or client for feedback? No problem, Wrike lets you communicate and share tasks with people outside your company too.
Wrike: Your command center
Excel, Word, Google drive. Wrike pretty much integrates with
everything so you can use all of your business tools in one place.
Start anywhere and connect it to Wrike.
Check out complete list of Wrike’s integrations
Make E-mail productive again
Impossible you say? Wrike is the only tool that makes sure important stuff never gets lost in your inbox. With one click you transform an email into a task and send it back to Wrike for action.
«About two weeks ago we switched to Wrike for our project
management. In that time: 655 tasks, 471 completed, 184 active
and hundreds more to come.»
Yes, all on the same page
Missed yesterday’s status meeting? Don’t worry.
Wrike lets you create customizable views of the most important projects that include graphs, tasks statuses, and real-time updates. Share them with relevant people to keep everyone up-to-date.
What you need to know right now
Newsfeed updates on all project activity provide
instant status reports and cut meetings and email
communication in half so you can focus
on the important stuff.
Keep things moving with mobile
Keep teamwork flowing. Update tasks and provide feedback even when you’re
on the go with our Android and native iOS apps.
iOs app Android app
Meet our dreamy document editor
Use Wrike to edit collaboratively and see everyone’s changes in real-time. Edit documents freely without saving any attachments to your computer. No need to ever email another document update again.

Wrike is the biggest no-brainer

«That’s the magic. The project manager has tons of work to divvy up, but individual team members don’t have to be stressed. Wrike takes complex projects and makes them simple for the people on your team. If I were any company with more than 10-15 people, Wrike is the biggest no-brainer»

Keep the right people in the loop
Granting the right level of access controls, creating custom user groups and selectively sharing files ensures the right people are getting the information they need to be effective.
Get control of your work
My Work is your personal place to manage your individual work. It consolidates your to-dos from all of your projects and makes it easy to capture ad hoc tasks that come up but aren’t part of a project. Easily manage your daily work by dragging tasks to today, this week, next week, or later.
Get control of your work
Create Custom Workflows
Streamline your process and gain visibility into the work at each stage. Create your own Custom Workflows to match exactly how your team works. They're easy to implement and simple to use.
Approval Proccess Product Development Marketing Default
Make Wrike Your Own
Add your own custom fields to any project or task and track exactly what matters to your business. Perfect for budgeting, prioritization, and customized status of work. Use data from custom fields to create dashboards with the information most relevant to your business.
Get control of your work
Check the team temperature
Balance resources and track performance via a burn down chart.
An open view of team workloads makes it easy to recalibrate when necessary.
Workload view Burndown chart
Track time
Keep track of how time is being spent by project
or by team member for accurate planning
and budget management.

Wrike is a great business decision for us!

«By switching to Wrike our department was able to be more collaborative and it allowed the team to be more involved.
As a project manager I spend more time focused on the project and less time asking for updates. Wrike also bridged the gaps with outside resources with the ability to assign them tasks and share project folders.»

Rinse and repeat for next time
If you’re working on a monthly newsletter or planning a recurring meeting, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Work faster next time by recreating the same project type with our handy Duplicating feature.
Get synched
Watch your calendars self-organize like magic. Synchronize tasks and project milestones to virtually any calendar including Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and iCalendar.
See progress and stay on track
Visual dashboards allow you to gain richer insights into how your team
is performing, and adjustable timelines provide control over project schedules.
Gantt-Chart (Timeline) Baseline chart Performance chart
Check it off the list
Nothing feels better than a job well done.
Time to mark it complete and celebrate great teamwork.

Wrike’s power is phenomenal

«Having tried Asana, Basecamp and Teamwork, Wrike’s power is phenomenal. The interface is quick, fluid and the folder structure makes duplication a sync. Dragging milestones, task start and completion dates in the Gantt chart is so easy and saves so much time. We absolutely love it!»

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