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Bring project management into Microsoft Teams and transform conversations into structured work.


Give your account teams accountability and 100% visibility into clients' projects within Salesforce.

Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud

With this extension, the most needed features of Wrike are now available inside Adobe CC.


Play matchmaker - keep files and their tasks together. Attach Box docs to Wrike tasks using the file uploader integration.

file storage

Increase productivity and save time by capturing work from email and managing tasks right in Gmail on web and Android.

email integration
Google Drive

Collaborate on files with your team by attaching docs directly to tasks from your Google Drive account on the web or mobile.

Microsoft OneDrive

Quickly attach Microsoft OneDrive files to Wrike tasks and make your document collaboration even smoother.

file storage

Map JIRA issues & projects to Wrike projects, tasks, & subtasks for easier cross-functional collaboration and better visibility into your multiple projects.


Manage work coming from email more effectively by bringing project management into Microsoft Outlook.

email integration
Email integration

Create, assign, and edit tasks directly from the email client of your choice.

Email integration

Create a two-way sync between GitHub repository issues and Wrike tasks, enabling better visibility and superior collaboration across platforms.

Okta Integration

Okta is a secure identity management service that enables you to conveniently manage access to all cloud solutions from one place. Save time and passwords logging onto Wrike with the Okta integration.

single sign on
SAML Integration

Save time and passwords with Single Sign On. Benefit from Single Sign On to Wrike through SAML.

single sign on
Microsoft Integrations

Security can be convenient when you use one account to access all the apps with Single Sign-On via Azure Active Directory or Office 365.

single sign on
MS Project

Transition from MS Project is easy: simply import your projects and collaborate on them in Wrike online.


Accomplish more by converting chats into structured work and collaborating more effectively on projects in Slack.


Send tasks to Wrike while communicating via HipChat; make your chats instantly actionable.

MS Excel

Are you used to managing tasks via Excel spreadsheets? Import and export your Excel spreadsheets to and from Wrike with one click.

Office Timeline

With Office Timeline, Wrike users can browse their projects from inside PowerPoint and instantly generate impressive visuals for important communications.

Wrike Everywhere (Chrome extension)

Never break your flow of work. Turn the webpage you're on into an actionable task with just one click in your Google Chrome toolbar.


Bitium is a next generation identity and access management company that helps you organize, manage, and secure access to cloud applications. Save time and passwords logging onto Wrike with Bitium integration.

single sign on
Google Apps Marketplace

Benefit from single sign-on with your Google account and use the same credentials for Wrike.

Single Sign On

Now you can create tasks, review updates, and make changes to Wrike tasks within Office 365 tools without toggling windows. What's not to love? You're more productive and your team is always in the know.


Keep your files and tasks together using the file upload integration. Attach your files in Dropbox directly to your tasks in Wrike without breaking a sweat.

file storage
Android App

All your work is at your fingertips with our native Android app. Turn your phone into a productivity tool and work on-the-go.

Mobile Apps
iOS App

Just thought of a great new idea for work? Access your tasks immediately, no matter where you are.

Mobile Apps
iCal Sync

Conveniently keep all events in one spot. Sync your Wrike tasks and project milestones to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or any calendar accepting URL input.


Put great ideas into action by automatically creating Wrike tasks from Evernote notes.

file storage

Automatically connect Wrike with your teams’ favorite apps like Calendar, Evernote, Zendesk, Wufoo, and many more — all without writing any code.


Generate a task every time a user submits a Wufoo form, cutting down on data entry.


Save blog production time by turning Wrike tasks into WordPress drafts automatically.

content management systems

Automatically turn Zendesk tickets into Wrike tasks so that follow-up gets done.

customer support

Document editing just got faster. Edit your files online without downloading and Wrike auto versions your file when you save the changes.

File Storage

Save time by automatically converting HubSpot form submissions into Wrike tasks.


Automatically create Wrike projects when new customers are added to QuickBooks.

accounting and invoicing

Create actionable tasks to follow up with promising candidates you find on LinkedIn.


Create tasks from any Marketo webpage & collaborate quickly on new email campaigns.

content management systems
Google Sheets

Turn new data in Google Sheets into Wrike tasks and assign it to your team ASAP.


Accelerate your review and approval process by integrating ProofHQ with Wrike.

content management systems

Sync Harvest timesheet entries with Wrike's time log to store all project data in one place.

accounting and invoicing

Use Wrike to track all responses to SurveyMonkey data such as product requests, customer issues or general feedback and make the follow-up process faster.

customer support
Wrike API

Wrike’s well-documented, easy-to-use APIs make it simple to quickly connect Wrike with your current tools and workflow. Our APIs are robust and stable so you can confidently build your business on our platform.

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