Why Wrike?

Try it now to find out for yourself, or read on for the top 5 reasons leading companies choose Wrike for their teams

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1 million people at 20,000+ organizations around the world use Wrike

Varied industries

Giants like Amazon, PayPal, and Ecco, as well as marketing agencies, creative studios, financial services, and software companies rely on Wrike.

Common concerns

Regardless of size, all organizations need productive team collaboration, complete work visibility, and clear workflows.

Dozens of options

In a crowded market of to-do list, chat, and team collaboration apps, Wrike stands out as a unique work management solution.

One clear choice

Wrike combines the intuitive interface and flexible organization you expect from solutions for small teams, with the advanced, Enterprise-class features that make it easier to manage multiple, complex projects and coordinate cross-functional teams.

Top 5 Reasons Users Choose Wrike Over the Competition

Wrike’s project management software provides the features you love and the security you require. No matter the team, Wrike enhances communication, transparency, and accountability to achieve results.

Comprehensive toolkit for professional project management

Wrike features include a dynamic timeline (Gantt chart), task dependencies, milestones, request forms, task dashboards, and visual reports.

Complete context and easy access

Instead of searching lengthy email threads, convoluted spreadsheets, and chat histories, store all your work notes, files, discussions, and feedback in a single, shared workspace.

Cross-project prioritization and visibility

Allocate resources to tasks and projects, check and forecast the team’s workload, resolve schedule conflicts, and reorganize assignments with a few clicks. Then build reports to visualize project and team performance in an easily digestible format.

Quick and qualified support

Contact our world-class support team with any questions you’d like to discuss, 24/7. Whether by email, live chat, or phone, we’ll answer right away and do our best to help you out.

Real-time collaboration

Upload documents and files directly to tasks, then edit and version attachments without downloading them. Collaboratively edit task descriptions in real-time.

Wrike helps us prioritize what's important and helps de-prioritize things that can be shelved for a later time. With Wrike, we have a central location for the stakeholders and all the content creators to communicate and work out the timeline, content, design, or copy issues together.

Brian Lam

Marketing Operations Coordinator

Wrike provides the resource visibility, custom workflows, and real-time reporting that today’s teams need to efficiently manage projects and accelerate team success.

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