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Faster Productivity With Powerful Work Management

With a universal work management process that covers everything, wall to wall, Wrike Lightspeed has all the features you need.

Initiate work

Simplify your intake process

Combine your process intake to create better efficiency and visibility. When you customize and prioritize your teams processes, your new streamlined workflow becomes more productive than ever before.


Create and configure your team’s workspace. Bring your work breakdown structure, team workflows, and favorite tools into one place. Control access and visibility with granular permissions setup.

Folders, Projects, Tasks, Subtasks

Create an unlimited number of items — folders, projects, tasks, and subtasks — for your team and easily view which assignee is responsible for each specific initiative.

Custom Item Types

Work your way with a fully configurable workspace. Tailor your layout with recognizable terms that match your team’s processes and hide any items that aren’t relevant.

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Dynamic Request Forms

Automate your work intake, route all requests to one place from internal and external customers, and ensure requesters provide the information you need.

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Get your projects up and running in no time with pre-built templates. Browse templates tailored to your team or department, from marketing to professional services.

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Free yourself from repetitive administration — save recurring tasks, projects, and folders as blueprints to quickly replicate them the next time. You can also create new blueprints from scratch.

AI Work Creation

Analyze your rough work notes and automatically turn them into sub-items you can execute with smart artificial intelligence. 

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Productivity App Integration

Consolidate all incoming work from various channels with powerful native integrations. Email, Zoom, Slack, MS Teams — all work items land in one place with Wrike.

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Structure work

Set up your work your way

Structure work in a way that makes sense for your team. Assign work based on performance and capacity. Automate assignments, measure effort and budget, and track how much work is done and when. Align work with other dependencies and important milestones.

Calendar View

Quickly display your work items in a calendar view. Keep track of what needs to be worked on and when. See what initiatives other teams are working on to stay aligned. 

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Improved! Board View

Increase efficiency by up to 45% with our new Kanban-style board view. Easily move boards to change the status of your work. Track your project and identify overdue tasks.

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Improved! Table View

See your work in a spreadsheet format without switching to Excel or Google Sheets. Add custom fields, expand or collapse items, and hide empty folders — adjust your display how you see fit.

Gantt Charts

Visualize all your work in an interactive timeline view. See dependencies, set milestones, drag and drop tasks, and adjust due dates instantly. 

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Resource Bookings

Create a new booking to reserve time from a team member or job role. Estimate how many hours a project will take and quickly determine if your chosen resource has the bandwidth to complete it.

Workload Charts

View individual capacity in your team’s workload chart. Spot uneven workloads and instantly reallocate tasks if required. Switch modes to assess how resources are distributed across projects.

Effort Management

When creating a Wrike task, you can evaluate how much effort is required to complete it. This makes it easier to choose an assignee and forecast when your entire project will be delivered.

Job Roles

Add custom titles to group your employees based on their specific role, e.g., Graphic Designer. This will help you allocate tasks and check if you have enough resources for a particular project.


Monitor your planned costs against your actual costs to ensure you don’t go over budget. Customize your account with preferred currency settings and default hourly rates.

Time Tracking

Track the exact hours your employees, contractors, and freelancers worked on a project. Sync this data with your finance system for seamless invoicing. 

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Work cross-functionally

Collaborate with teams across the board and effectively manage stakeholders across the organization. Streamline the revision and approval process and easily route requests for approval to internal and external stakeholders.


Add unlimited spaces, folders, projects, and tasks to track your workload. Cross-tag them so that each team gets full visibility without duplicating work in multiple places. 

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Internal and Guest Approvals

Create a chain of approvals for your projects. Send links securely to external approvers you collaborate with and accelerate the sign-off process.

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Live Document Editor

Attach files to corresponding tasks, folders, and projects. Use Wrike Document Editor to edit attachments seamlessly — no need to download files. Your new version will be automatically uploaded.


Our best-in-class proofing software enables 100% clear, visual communication directly in assets. It also makes it easy to compare original files with updated versions.

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Desktop and Mobile Apps

Check your work on the go. You can review and approve assets, view project progress, and run reports right from your iOS or Android mobile device.

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External Requester Collaboration

Streamline communication with requesters, even non-Wrike users. Use external request forms to work in one place instead of toggling between different applications.

File Attachments and Storage

Offset your storage costs with our built-in file storage. Attach files and upload new versions through integration with cloud platforms such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Report, analyze, and optimize

Gain key insights into your project

Measure the impact of every campaign, launch, and initiative. Provide strategic direction based on data and visibility into the amount of work delivered. Optimize and maximize your team’s impact and pride of ownership.

New! Chart View

Access powerful data analysis at your fingertips. Monitor all your work at a glance, measure success in seconds, and uncover valuable insights with ease — no special access or advanced skills required.

Advanced Analytics and BI

Track performance and compare against benchmarks in configurable analytics dashboards with sophisticated filtering. Customize productivity metrics, slice and dice data, and visualize results easily.

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New Dashboards

Build custom dashboards with easy-to-use widgets that allow you to visualize complex data and make decisions on the spot. In a rush? Get started with our prebuilt templates — no coding required.

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Real-Time Reports

Communicate progress and make decisions in real time with Wrike’s easy-to-use report builder. Schedule reports to be delivered directly to your inbox.

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Integrations, automation, and Work Intelligence®

Automate and integrate your workflows

Automate your workflows across multiple projects, teams, or the whole company. Tailor the rules to your unique processes with custom item types automation. Bring all your workflows into one place by integrating your favorite productivity tools. Take your work to the next level with the power of Automation AI.

New! Generative AI

Transform your teams’ productivity with Wrike’s industry-leading generative AI. Create powerful descriptions, full project plans, and detailed idea documents in seconds — all tailored to your style.

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Wrike Integrate

Wrike Integrate allows you to connect with an unlimited number of applications. Create custom integrations, sync your data, and fully automate your workflows.

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Two-Way Sync

Work together seamlessly, even with teams that use different applications. Wrike enables you to create a two-way sync with Jira, GitHub, and other applications.


Integrate Wrike with 400+ applications, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Bynder, Zoom, Slack, and more. Increase your productivity and efficiency with everything all in one place.

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Automate recurring workflows, sync related tasks, and reduce manual errors and tedious activities by establishing an automated process. 

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DAM Integration & Open API

Streamline your creative process. Connect your favorite digital asset management platform or build your own integration with Cloud Content Connector to store, modify, and publish files with ease.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Extension

Enable your design team to access Wrike from Adobe. Receive creative briefs, collaborate with stakeholders, and review and approve assets without ever leaving Adobe Creative Cloud. 

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ShareFile Integration

Implement the highest level of security for data used by your Finance, Legal, and HR departments with the Wrike-Citrix integration.

Manage your workspace

Streamline secure administration and permissions

Add the necessary security measures and configurability applicable to your team and each user, based on your organization’s needs. Configure access and permissions to reflect your internal processes and what provides the most value to your business.

Customizable User Types

Create, duplicate, and manage user types. Set relevant permissions based on license type and account role, simplifying the onboarding process.

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Locked Spaces

Keep your most sensitive information in the most confidential workspace. Avoid any unwanted data leakage with secure spaces for collaboration at an executive level.

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Wrike Lock

Add an additional layer of security by creating encrypted keys controlled by your organization. Only you can decide if your data is accessed.

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Access Roles

Add your own access roles and customize them as you see fit. Gain full control over who has access to shared spaces, folders, and projects.

User Groups

Add selected members to user groups and subgroups to follow your organizational structure. Share folders and items with the groups that need the access.

User Activity Reports

Check on-demand audit reports to track activity of each user in your account. Get clarification on who to ask for information when items are modified.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Enable multifactor authentication and control user permissions to safeguard your company’s most confidential data.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Access your work by signing into Wrike once with your corporate credentials, enabled by MS Azure, Google, Okta, OneLogin, and more.

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<p><span>The most </span>powerful<span> work management platform</span></p>

The most powerful work management platform

Easy to use, customize, and scale. Explore Work Intelligence® and other smart features — try Wrike free for two weeks.

<p><span>The most </span>powerful<span> work management platform</span></p>