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Remove the distraction of other browser tabs, better focus on work, and more easily access Wrike with our desktop app.

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A web browser is an indispensable tool in today’s workplace, but having a large number of open tabs can be inevitable with so many web apps and sites to visit. Each tab adds distraction, and soon it can be hard to even tell which tab is which.

Wrike for Windows & Mac enables you to break free from your browser, so you can better focus on your work while more easily accessing Wrike. Choose to open the desktop app at startup and pin it to your taskbar or dock, and Wrike will always be just one click away.
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Main features

Same features as the web app

Pin to taskbar or dock

Open at system startup

Enhanced Wrike notifications

Accomplish more with Wrike for Windows & Mac

  • Increased focus: Removes the distraction of multiple, assorted tabs in a browser
  • Ease of access: Pin the app to your taskbar or dock, and have it open automatically at computer startup
  • Familiarity: Use Wrike like you do now, but without a browser
  • More control: Fine-tune notifications via operating system settings and respond more quickly to changes in Wrike
  • Greater visibility: Open additional Wrike tasks in separate windows or in tabs like a browser
  • Award-winning: Winner of the 2018 Windows Developer Award for "Commercial Innovator of the Year"
  • Compatibility: Available for both Windows and Mac

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Yes, Wrike can be used outside of the browser. Android and Apple users can find the Wrike mobile application in the Google Play and App Store, respectively. The Wrike app is also available as a desktop application for Windows and Mac.
The Wrike desktop app is available to both Windows and Mac users. It is also available for Android and Apple users on mobile devices. Browser users can access their Wrike accounts from any device.
Wrike users have largely the same functionalities in the app as they do in the browser. You can receive real-time project updates, assign tasks, change task statuses, update task descriptions, and view calendars, and more.
As a Wrike desktop app user, you will receive notifications when you are mentioned on task updates from members of your team. They will appear in the corner of your screen, even if you do not have the app open in full screen.