The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

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The digital marketing industry changes fast. Trends come and go, algorithms change, and almost every year, a new platform rises to the top, sending digital marketers racing to learn its skills of engagement. 

Take Clubhouse in 2020, for example. The audio chat app launched and became popular during the pandemic, making fast-adopting digital marketers create room in their marketing plans to engage with its two million weekly active users.

Digital marketing, encompassing online marketing, internet marketing, web marketing, and mobile marketing, is becoming increasingly essential to growing and maintaining business success as consumers become comfortable buying online. This change is profitable for organizations ready to modernize their marketing processes and strategies and meet their customers where they are. 

To succeed, digital marketers must observe their environment and deliver campaigns that connect with their audience and yield results. This requires them to understand their target market, strategize, and execute marketing plans to increase brand presence and credibility and achieve marketing goals. 

Monitoring data and studying customer behavior is a significant advantage of digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, where you can only review post-campaign data, you can track digital marketing campaigns in real-time to know what's working and what isn't, giving you the chance to improve campaigns while they're running.

This digital marketing guide serves as a manual to master online marketing. We've put it together to help you plan and execute successful digital marketing campaigns using best practices. You'll learn digital marketing basics, concepts, tools, and processes. We'll also provide links to additional resources from our Wrike blog, as well as other Wrike eBooks, videos, and infographics. We hope it answers all your questions and sets you up for digital marketing success.

What's in the Digital Marketing Guide?

<h5>What is Digital Marketing?</h5>
What is Digital Marketing?
<h5>Digital Marketing Strategy Frameworks</h5>
Digital Marketing Strategy Frameworks
<h5>Digital Marketing Plan</h5>
Digital Marketing Plan
<h5>Digital Marketing Campaign Management</h5>
Digital Marketing Campaign Management
<h5>Digital Marketing Project Management</h5>
Digital Marketing Project Management
<h5>Digital Marketing Roles and Responsibilities</h5>
Digital Marketing Roles and Responsibilities
<h5>Digital Marketing Project Manager</h5>
Digital Marketing Project Manager
<h5>Digital Marketing KPIs and Metrics</h5>
Digital Marketing KPIs and Metrics
<h5>Digital Marketing Tools and Software</h5>
Digital Marketing Tools and Software
<h5>Digital Marketing Templates</h5>
Digital Marketing Templates