Single Sign-On to Wrike with Shibboleth

Save time and passwords with Single Sign-On. Log in to Wrike using your corporate credentials.

Benefit from single sign-on to Wrike through SAML

SAML 2.0 is the industry standard protocol for federated authentication. Enable SAML single sign-on for your Wrike account and increase security by enforcing access policies and multi-factor authentication (optional), reduce administrative costs with just-in-time user provisioning, and make it easier for your team to use Wrike with one-click access and no extra passwords to memorize.

*This feature is available for Enterprise users.
Please contact to enable single sign-on for your account.

For more details on how to enable SAML SSO for your Wrike account please read our SSO with SAML: Implementation Guide.


Shibboleth is a widely used single-sign on service provider. The Shibboleth Wrike integration allows users to access their workspace using the popular SAML-based SSO.
To use Shibboleth SSO with Wrike, have your administrator enable SAML. Your IT expert/SAML expert should then be able to set up the Shibboleth SSO with Wrike.
Using Shibboleth SSO with Wrike allows users to streamline their login experience and access their vital work without the need to waste time searching for yet another unique password. It also allows them to access all the apps in their workflow whether working from home, school or anywhere else.
One of the advantages of using Shibboleth for end-users is that it is a quick, secure, and convenient login process that allows them to access their work tools with one set of credentials.
With Shibboleth, organizations get a secure, time-saving single sign-on solution. Organizations benefit from using Shibboleth because it enables quick remote login when working outside of the office as well as access to other tools required to get work done efficiently and effectively.
The Shibboleth SSO integration with Wrike is available to all Wrike Enterprise users whose admins have enabled SAML.