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Personalize Your Workspace With Custom Item Types

Build a customizable library in your Wrike workspace and mirror the unique processes of your team, department, or company.


Wave goodbye to generic project management terminology

Some platforms take a one-size-fits-all approach to work management. With Wrike’s custom item types, you can build a workspace tailored to your role, department, or industry.

Experience the power of truly customizable software

Whether you’re a marketer or an IT developer, Wrike’s custom item types feature will work for your team. Here’s a taster of the benefits it can bring.

<h5>Boost visibility</h5>
Boost visibility

Keep track of meeting minutes, project files, and more with custom item types. Workspace members can view and access the information they need, be it a creative brief or a user story.

<h5>Reduce complexity</h5>
Reduce complexity

Speak your team’s language. By configuring your workspace to match your distinctive style, you can eliminate any confusion associated with vague terminology and focus on your shared objectives.

<h5>Increase efficiency</h5>
Increase efficiency

Our powerful work item automation enables users to reduce admin tasks, saving valuable time. What’s more, our no-code workflows are easy to use, so you can hit the ground running.

Customer success stories



faster project delivery



hours saved



more efficient processes

Cheryl Venable, Senior Manager of Operations, Creative Center, Sony Pictures Television logo

“I’ve never seen a platform as easy to use, as easy to onboard new users, as easy to scale, and as easy to customize to your own workflow, process, team, clientele, and changing environment.”

“The way I’m able to customize Wrike to fit my workflow is one of the strongest features.”

Try custom item types with these templates

Explore more customizable features

Work your way with Wrike’s powerful work management platform. Our versatile software has a wide range of features you can tailor to your team.

Dynamic request forms

Need a way to streamline incoming requests? Build your own form with custom fields so requesters know what information you need to get the ball rolling.

Customizable dashboards 

Get full task visibility with shared dashboards. Create individual widgets for each progress stage, project, or team member — choose what you want to track.

Team-specific workflows

Customize your workflow to suit your team’s specific process. Add statuses for each project phase to enhance transparency and eliminate unnecessary check-ins. 

<p><span>Why wait? Try Wrike today for free</span></p>

Why wait? Try Wrike today for free

Explore custom item types and Wrike’s other innovative features with a free two-week trial — no credit card required.

<p><span>Why wait? Try Wrike today for free</span></p>