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Vendor Management Template

Maintain and strengthen your seller relationships with the highly customizable vendor management template from Wrike.

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Build and monitor vendor relationships

Whether you run a large business or a small operation, vendor management can be time-consuming and complicated without a robust and straightforward system. Are your vendor relationships frayed? 

Do you ever struggle with: 

  • Storing vendor information?
  • Tracking vendor performance?
  • Evaluating and onboarding new vendors?

Eliminate these obstacles with Wrike’s vendor template.

  • Secure all vendor information in one central hub, including contact details, services, capacity, and more
  • Evaluate performance in your vendor analysis template, so you can easily track ongoing assessments
  • Share unique information about your vendors with important stakeholders to keep everyone updated

Why you need this vendor management template

<h5>Manage multiple relationships</h5>
Manage multiple relationships

Keeping track of details for multiple vendors can be difficult. The vendor management plan template allows you to store contact information in a single, secure, and easily accessible location.

<h5>Streamline vendor management</h5>
Streamline vendor management

Is your vendor evaluation and assessment system too sporadic? Our vendor dashboard template allows you to successfully streamline your processes and incorporate other tools your business uses.

<h5>Easily add new vendors</h5>
Easily add new vendors

Adding new vendors often means a multi-step, complicated process. Luckily, the vendor management template is straightforward — simply customize the task list to fit your company’s requirements.

<p>Ready to try this template?</p>

Ready to try this template?

<p>Ready to try this template?</p>

How to use the vendor management template in Wrike 

Does your team have a hard time finding the necessary vendor details? Do you have difficulty choosing the correct vendor for a project? 

Wrike’s vendor management template offers a central location for storing vendor details, as well as an easy-to-use workflow for evaluating and monitoring vendor performance. 

Managing vendor relationships can be extremely time-consuming, especially when companies work with many different sellers throughout the year. Bringing on board new vendors and maintaining current vendors requires a thorough and efficient process. 

Wrike’s vendor management template sets up a user-friendly system for monitoring sellers. 

Step 1: Add vendors with the request form

Start by adding vendors using the custom request form. Capture critical details about your vendor, such as name, phone number, and address. 

The request will generate a folder titled with your vendor name, including a selection of custom fields that will help you evaluate the vendor over time. 

Step 2: Use the custom workflow for the vendor process

To bring a vendor through the process of initial interaction to onboarding, evaluation, and ongoing use, you’ll use the custom workflow. 

This custom workflow and visual dashboard help you navigate through the concrete steps of reviewing the new vendor request form, conducting a vendor evaluation, legal and compliance, and vendor onboarding. 

Step 3: Create reports for vendor assessment

Within each project, you’ll be able to fill in custom fields to help with vendor evaluation, such as capacity, environmental impact, risk, and others. 

Ticking the box marked ‘evaluation report’ will allow you to generate a report for vendor assessment within minutes. Share these reports with your stakeholders or use them to decide which vendors to hire in the future. 

Make Wrike work for you

Wrike is designed to jump-start and streamline other areas of your work, improving processes across your team, department, or company.  You’ll want to try features such as: 

With a few clicks, Wrike can be easily adjusted to meet any of your team’s needs. Our easy-to-use features allow you to bring efficiency and productivity to your daily work. 

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<p>Evaluate vendor performance with Wrike</p>

Evaluate vendor performance with Wrike

<p>Evaluate vendor performance with Wrike</p>


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