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Merger and Acquisition Template

Wrike’s easy-to-use merger and acquisition (M&A) template helps you connect, simplify, and maximize every deal, every time.

<p>Merger and Acquisition Template</p>
<p>Merger and Acquisition Template</p>

An end-to-end M&A solution

The merger and acquisition process can be complex, involving diverse teams and multi-stage pipelines. It doesn’t have to be though, with manageable phases, proven processes, and a tried-and-tested template.

Wrike offers the solution you’ve been looking for. Our complete merger and acquisition template is ideal for teams who want to centralize, organize, and streamline their entire end-to-end M&A process. This template will take you from strategic planning, through due diligence, and onto post-merger integration.

Why you need the merger and acquisition template

Explore Wrike’s powerful M&A features today and learn how you can make corporate development easier and more efficient than ever before.

<h5>Defined strategy<br></h5>
Defined strategy

This template helps M&A teams organize, streamline, and visualize merger and acquisition strategies, objectives, theses, and criterias from day one.

<h5>Advanced visibility</h5>
Advanced visibility

Get a 360° view of your merger and acquisition process. Use dashboards to monitor task progress, identify bottlenecks, and adjust due dates as needed.

<h5>Rapid reporting<br></h5>
Rapid reporting

Keep everybody in the loop with once-off or scheduled reports including status updates, detailed infographics, and advanced insights.

What’s included in this template

  • Gantt chart view
    Visualize your entire M&A pipeline with Wrike’s interactive Gantt charts. Set realistic goals, monitor your planned timeline, and adjust due dates as needed. Create milestones and dependencies so everyone is clear on the journey ahead. 
  • Project dashboard
    Build your own executive-level project dashboard to scan quickly for progress and roadblocks. Drill down into granular details to get even more clarity and ensure your merger and acquisition closes on time. 
  • Request form
    Need to get started fast? Use our customizable request form to capture important details from the get-go, including task requirements, assignees, and due dates. Explore the functionality of Wrike’s custom request forms.
  • Custom Item Types
    Create a tailored workspace for your PMO team with their preferred language, business customs, and ways of working. Help your teams progress through familiar stages and easily understood tasks with Custom Item Types
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The benefits of Wrike’s merger and acquisition template

Wrike’s merger and acquisition template can help you manage multi-stage workflows, collaborate on complex tasks, and centralize all your data in one secure platform.

It comes with:

  • Pre-filled customizable M&A stages
  • Individual steps to complete for each stage
  • A list of key features for added value
  • Customizable statuses such as ‘New’ and ‘Completed’

Resources for every PMO and M&A team

Check out our eBooks, datasheets, and case studies.

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