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Attendance Tracker Template

Track and monitor your employee attendance rates with our accurate and easy-to-use attendance tracker template.
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#employee attendance tracker
#employee attendance tracking
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Gain visibility on employee attendance

Monitoring absences for large teams can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Are you finding it difficult to track employee attendance? Do you regularly experience the following issues at work? 

  • Absences aren’t recorded accurately
  • Absent employees are paid for hours they haven’t worked
  • Productivity is impacted when multiple employees are absent simultaneously

Eliminate these challenges with employee attendance tracking from Wrike.

  • Accurately record absences for team members and easily monitor absence patterns
  • Use precise data to calculate weekly or monthly salaries to reflect absences
  • Monitor absence levels to decide where further action may need to be taken with individuals

Why you need the attendance tracker template

<h5>Inaccurate absence data</h5>
Inaccurate absence data

The attendance tracker template from Wrike updates regularly, with each absence reflected in real time. The template is fully customizable, so you can add contextual notes for each absence.

<h5>Incorrect salary calculation</h5>
Incorrect salary calculation

The information recorded in your attendance tracker will allow you to accurately calculate what employees should be paid. Stop overpaying or underpaying staff — trust the data captured by Wrike.

<h5>Ineffective absence processes</h5>
Ineffective absence processes

The attendance tracker template will help you better monitor attendance rates in line with your organization’s absence policies. It will also indicate where you need to take further absence management steps.

<p>Improve employee attendance tracking</p>

Improve employee attendance tracking

<p>Improve employee attendance tracking</p>

How to use the attendance tracker template in Wrike

Are you struggling to keep track of employee attendance? Are employees receiving payment for unexcused absences or having their pay docked when their absences were acceptable? 

Wrike’s attendance tracker template creates a single location for tracking employee absences, allowing you to easily monitor patterns and take action when necessary.

  • Log employee absences with request forms 
  • Track past absences with attendance reports 
  • Stay apprised of planned absences with custom calendars
  • Monitor upcoming and completed absences with dashboards

Whether you’re responsible for two employees or 20, keeping track of unexpected or planned absences can be difficult. Remembering which employee was absent for what reason over the course of a year requires a dependable system. 

This attendance tracker template sets up an easy-to-use system for logging, tracking, and monitoring employee absences. 

Step 1: Use the request form to submit an absence

Absences can be logged in seconds using the custom request form. Simply input the employee’s name, absence dates, and choose from a drop-down menu of reasons for their absence. Add contextual information in the notes box for future reference. 

Step 2: View absences on a team calendar

Absences can be viewed on a team calendar, which is color-coded to reflect each type of absence, including PTO, bereavement, holidays, and unpaid time off. Look back at the previous month to quickly visualize who was absent, when, and why.

Step 3: Plan for future absences

The attendance dashboard summarizes ongoing, upcoming, and completed absences, so you can stay informed of your team’s status and plan tasks according to whomever will be available. You can also get regular updates with the in-built attendance report.

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<p>Monitor workforce attendance with Wrike</p>

Monitor workforce attendance with Wrike

<p>Monitor workforce attendance with Wrike</p>