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Business Model Canvas Template

Discover this business model template for an intuitive, visual layout of your strategic operations.

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#business model template
#business canvas template
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Full visibility of your business

Explore the BMC template from Wrike and use it as a strategic tool. With clear visibility across your entire business model, you’ll gain a more detailed understanding of each aspect of your organization. 

Does your team ever struggle with:

  • Clearly structuring business models? 
  • Understanding varying connections?
  • Relaying information to stakeholders?

With Wrike’s business canvas template, you can eliminate these obstacles by:

  • Defining your entire business model in a visual and intuitive layout, showing you every strategic operation of your business to understand its value 
  • Highlighting everything on one page, making it easy to understand how it all ties together to accomplish your ultimate goal 
  • Sharing details with internal and external stakeholders so you can all stay in sync

Why you need this business model canvas template

<h5>Include every stakeholder</h5>
Include every stakeholder

You can detail each important stakeholder in your business model template so that everyone in your team knows who is involved. Illustrate business leverages and make a note of unique responsibilities.

<h5>Monitor business resources</h5>
Monitor business resources

Attach your most important resources to your business canvas template so each team member can quickly access what they need to maintain a successful operation.

<h5>Understand every connection</h5>
Understand every connection

Our business model canvas template gives you a detailed overview of every strategic element of your company in a single view. See how everything connects and works together to meet each of your business goals.

<p>Comprehend the big picture</p>

Comprehend the big picture

<p>Comprehend the big picture</p>

How to use the business model canvas template

For your business to succeed, it’s critical that you have your eyes on everything and understand what’s going on at all times. Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or senior manager, Wrike enables you to:

  • Launch the BMC template via request forms 
  • Organize all your work with a building blocks folder
  • Get a quick overview of all strategic business activities in a dedicated Wrike Space
  • See which tasks and projects have a high, medium, or low impact on your organization
  • Increase stakeholder visibility with real-time dashboards

Wrike’s business model template includes three primary components: dashboards, folders, and a request form.

Step 1: Input details

Locate the request form and find the business model canvas template. Enter your desired information into the building block and business idea fields along with the applicable level of impact — high, medium, or low. 

Step 2: View the Building Blocks folder

This folder contains three subfolders where all work activities are divided (high, medium, and low impact). It is displayed in board view, which details the building blocks each item belongs to, along with the stage and value it brings to your organization.

Step 3: Track dashboard activity 

Monitor the Business Model Canvas dashboard, which organizes all the business activities based on impact level.

View the Building Blocks Impact dashboard, which categorizes each business activity based on their respective form inputs. This dashboard also displays the impact of each category and if they create, deliver, or provide no value to your organization.

Allow Wrike to work for you

Our business canvas template provides you with everything necessary for monitoring strategic business operations while keeping all stakeholders updated.

Here are some other Wrike features that empower you to enhance collaboration, increase project visibility, and ensure smooth operations:

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<p>Keep an eye on strategic operations with Wrike</p>

Keep an eye on strategic operations with Wrike

<p>Keep an eye on strategic operations with Wrike</p>


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