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Business Process Management Template

Our business process template allows you to review, adjust, and monitor your company’s methods to improve effectiveness and organizational productivity.

Review and improve your business processes

When business processes aren’t working effectively, your entire organization can suffer. Wrike’s business process management (BPM) template allows your company to analyze and optimize existing work processes for improved operations.

Does your company experience these problems?

  • Team members using cumbersome processes for simple tasks
  • Departments struggling to identify the most effective business approach
  • Business processes plagued by similar bottlenecks each time they’re used

Eliminate these obstacles with Wrike’s BPM template.

  • Effectively analyze and evaluate your current business processes
  • Identify adjustments that can be made and assign team goals to effect improvements
  • Track company progress and benefit from a more streamlined approach

Why you need this business process template

<h5>Ineffective processes</h5>
Ineffective processes

Outline your teams’ current work methods with Wrike’s business process template. Identify opportunities for improvement that allow you to implement company practices to increase productivity and effectiveness.

<h5>Unclear strategies</h5>
Unclear strategies

Once you’ve identified problem processes, you can adjust strategies with Wrike’s business process improvement template. Teams will be able to visualize and understand their responsibilities within these new processes.

<h5>Employee disengagement</h5>
Employee disengagement

When processes are ineffective, employees get frustrated. A clear business process management template will help motivate employees and offer guidelines that work for everyone.

<p>Optimize business performance</p>

Optimize business performance

<p>Optimize business performance</p>

How to use the business process management template

Are you running into the same roadblocks repeatedly? Are there gaps in your employee training or stakeholder communication? 

Wrike’s business process management template will help you review your methods and make improvements. 

Businesses often rely on processes and systems of working that can become outdated or clunky, causing frustration for employees, clients, and stakeholders. It can be difficult to find the time to review processes that aren’t working, resulting in methods that cost organizations energy and resources. 

Wrike’s business process template provides the perfect framework for reviewing, adjusting, and monitoring business processes. 

Step 1: Identify the process for review

Start by using the business process request form to highlight a method or system that requires review. Select the team responsible for the business process review, outline why it needs to be reviewed, and whether it’s tied to a company OKR or goal. 

Step 2: Initiate the review process

The request form submission will initiate a template with pre-set tasks to help drive the business process review journey. These include defining success metrics, mapping out the current process, identifying areas for improvement, designing and modeling better processes, and executing them. 

Step 3: Monitor and measure progress

Once the business process review has been initiated, you can monitor progress using the calendar and dashboard views, which allow you to quickly understand what tasks are overdue or completed. Generate a business process management progress report to determine the status of the review project. 

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<p>Design better processes with Wrike</p>

Design better processes with Wrike

<p>Design better processes with Wrike</p>


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