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Content Calendar Template

Create and manage your content with our free editorial calendar template. Track items from their first draft to publishing.
  • Use this guide to build the template in Wrike.

Develop a steady stream of content

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to bring in new leads and build brand awareness. To maximize your efforts, it’s critical to create a pipeline for developing and publishing new content on a regular basis. 

Our content plan template can help you create a steady stream of content and bring visibility to your whole organization. Use it to organize requests, accelerate approvals, and manage capacity. Plan out your schedule using our editorial calendar to track content by theme, product, title, topic, writer, and delivery date. 

Why you need our content plan template

<h5>It’s difficult to track the status of&nbsp;content</h5>
It’s difficult to track the status of content

Collect a backlog of ideas, assign tasks and update their status using a custom workflow, and monitor progress with easy-to-view dashboards.

<h5>Stakeholders are kept out of the&nbsp;loop</h5>
Stakeholders are kept out of the loop

Capture internal stakeholder requests with a digital brief intake form. Allow external collaborators to provide feedback using a visual markup tool.

<h5>Teams are unaware of the content schedule</h5>
Teams are unaware of the content schedule

Create a pipeline for developing and publishing new content on a regular basis. Use the editorial calendar template to ensure a steady stream of content.

<p>Ready to try our content calendar template?</p>

Ready to try our content calendar template?

Free 14-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time.
<p>Ready to try our content calendar template?</p>

How to use our editorial calendar template

The guide will show you how to:

Wrike’s editorial calendar template will take you through every step of the content planning process. Follow this simple guide to get your projects off the ground and hit your editorial targets.

Step 1: Streamline incoming requests

Are your content teams struggling to manage incoming tasks? Simplify the process with Wrike’s sample request form, tailor-made for content teams. 

  • Add custom fields such as requesting department, client name, relevant campaign, budget, and due date
  • When the request is submitted as a task, click “Add assignee,” and choose an appropriate team member
  • Set start and due dates so your teams can effectively plan their work schedule

Step 2: Build your editorial calendar

Now that your tasks are assigned, it’s time to create your editorial calendar using our content calendar template. 

  • Add a folder using the “+” button. Every time you create a new task (e.g., write a blog post), make sure it's tagged into this folder
  • Create a custom workflow that accurately reflects all the different stages your content goes through. Some statuses you may want to include are: Planned, In Progress, In Review, In Design, and Published

Step 3: Track progress in dashboards

Wrike’s content plan template also includes pre-built dashboards with customizable widgets. This way, you can see how your content is developing and which pieces are overdue. You can share your dashboards with stakeholders to promote or use your content. 

  • Select Dashboards from the top menu. Click “+ New Widget” and then “+ Custom Widget”
  • On the filter menu on the left, click “Show Workflows” and select your custom content workflow. Use the filter buttons to select the exact status and data you’d like to display

More than a content plan template 

As well as our comprehensive editorial calendar template, Wrike also offers a range of versatile project management tools to help you manage your content, from visual assets to written copy. These features include:

Try Wrike’s platform for yourself to discover how it can be tailored to suit your content teams. 

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<p>Ready to try this content calendar template?</p>

Ready to try this content calendar template?

Free 14-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time.
<p>Ready to try this content calendar template?</p>


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