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Action Plan Template

Optimize your task management with Wrike. Use this template to track team progress and meet project objectives.
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Take control of your task management

Whether you’re managing an Agile, Waterfall, or hybrid project, you must organize your tasks accordingly. Without the right structure in place, things can quickly unravel.

  • Tasks don’t get filed correctly, and it’s unclear what different remote teams are working on
  • There is no visual overview of project due dates and priorities
  • Project managers become so preoccupied with team tasks, they forget to manage their individual duties

With Wrike’s strategic action plan template, you can overcome these obstacles with ease.

  • Create separate folders for each department to categorize tasks effectively
  • Use dashboards to view tasks by day, week, month, quarter, and so on
  • Monitor individual tasks with a personal action plan template

Why you need this template

<h5>Great visibility</h5>
Great visibility

Get full transparency with multiple project views, including List, Board, Table, and Gantt.

<h5>Organized tasks</h5>
Organized tasks

Use folders to sort tasks by team or department. Move easily from “To Do” to “In Progress” to “Completed.”

<h5>Schedules on track</h5>
Schedules on track

Monitor due dates with tailored dashboards. See at a glance what’s due today, this week, and further ahead.

<p>Deliver projects on time, every time</p>

Deliver projects on time, every time

<p>Deliver projects on time, every time</p>

How to use Wrike’s action plan template

Ready to kick-start your project? First, you need an action plan. This is a list of tasks required to achieve your project deliverables. 

Wrike’s project action plan template has a range of features to get you started:

Wrike’s business action plan template is easy to use. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Organize tasks

Once you have prepared your project requirements, you can create tasks in your Wrike workspace. Use the tagging feature to add specific tasks to their corresponding folders. 

For example, all customer-related tasks could be added to the Customer Support folder. Add separate folders for each team or department in your organization, e.g., Global Delivery or Operations.

Step 2: Build timeline

Now your tasks are categorized and assigned to the correct teams, you can build out your project timeline. Add due dates to each task and use the Gantt chart view to get a clear overview of key milestones. 

Need to adjust a deadline or task dependency? Simply use the drag-and-drop builder to make instant changes and automatically update your project team.

Step 3: Monitor progress

It’s important to conduct regular progress reviews to ensure your project stays on track to meet its deadlines. With shared team dashboards, you get an instant overview of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. 

This will enable you to spot any overdue or unassigned tasks quickly. You can also create a personal dashboard to monitor your individual tasks.

Streamline your task management with Wrike

Want to explore some more? Wrike’s powerful task management software has a range of versatile tools to help you take projects from start to finish. Our customizable features include:

Wrike can be tailored to suit any project, team, or organization. Personalize your action plans and design your workspace to match your team’s processes. Our platform is built to work your way — not the other way around. 

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<p>Put plans into action with Wrike</p>

Put plans into action with Wrike

<p>Put plans into action with Wrike</p>


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