Agile Teamwork Template

Harness the power of Agile, an iteration-based approach to development. This Wrike template helps you prioritize a backlog for planning, managing sprints with boards, and tracking progress using reports.

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Unleash the power of the Agile project management methodology

The Agile teamwork methodology is a favorite amongst modern software-development teams. Their teams work, and deliver results, faster on average than teams that follow other methodologies.

In order to embrace the adaptability and speed of Agile, you need a tool that will help structure your work and support your Agile team-development workflow. Wrike was built with Agile teams in mind. This template enables you to easily prioritize your backlog and set up Agile sprints, manage your scrum meetings, and report on progress using reports.

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How to use the Agile Teamwork Template in Wrike

The Agile Teamwork template demonstrates how to use Wrike to manage iteration-based development. The guide below will show you how to:

  • Use this project in your team's workspace
  • Break your work down into tasks (stories)
  • Create and prioritize a backlog
  • Set up and manage the current sprint
  • Complete a sprint and start the next one

This template has four folders in a single project:

  • Backlog
  • Completed Sprints
  • Current Sprint
  • Next Sprint

Use the backlog folder to create, store, and prioritize tasks for future sprints. By default, this folder opens in the Table view. This template also includes a custom field labeled Priority, which you can use to set a priority value for each story. This gives you the ability to sort your backlog by priority.

When you’re ready to plan your next sprint, open a task, remove it from the Backlog folder by deleting the Backlog tag. Add it to your Current Sprint folder by clicking on the + button and selecting the Current Sprint folder.

The current sprint is your team’s main working area and has been pre-configured to use the Board view by default. This view allows you to track the progress of your sprint. Drag and drop tasks to organize and force-rank the order of your work.

When you complete a sprint, rename the current sprint folder, and move it to completed sprints. Then, duplicate the next sprint folder and set the new name to Current Sprint. At this point, you can pull in work from your backlog and start your new sprint. Feel free to change or customize anything we’ve built to match your team’s workflow.

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