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Agile Teamwork Template

This Wrike template helps you prioritize a backlog for planning, manage sprints, and track progress using reports.

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Unleash the power of the Agile project management methodology

Are your requests coming in faster than you can address them? The Agile project management methodology can help you create an effective structure to tackle incoming requests efficiently.

Does your team ever struggle with: 

  • Structuring your workflow to suit the Agile methodology?
  • Tracking progress on backlog items such as user stories or bugs?
  • Making the most of your Agile sprints and daily standup meetings?

Eliminate these obstacles with Wrike. 

  • Create an effective system that benefits all members, from Scrum master to product owner
  • Prioritize your backlog and analyze project progress using custom reports
  • Set up Agile sprints and manage daily standup meetings with ease

Why you need this template

<h5>Drive progress and efficiency</h5>
Drive progress and efficiency

Wrike was built for collaboration across Agile teams. Organize your workflows into Wrike’s dashboard, and prioritize your backlog for impactful sprints.

<h5>Create visibility across teams</h5>
Create visibility across teams

Use Wrike to instantly update team members and give sponsors or leadership visibility into projects. The activity stream provides a live feed of all project updates automatically, saving hours or even entire days.

<h5>Prioritize and plan with ease</h5>
Prioritize and plan with ease

Wrike’s dynamic work intake forms provide a clear way to prioritize and manage incoming requests. The backlog provides a location to track upcoming work, helping teams collaborate on projects.

<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>

Ready to try this template in Wrike?

<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>

How to use the Agile Teamwork Template in Wrike

Is your backlog growing by the minute? Are your sprints ineffective, or are user stories getting lost in inefficient systems? 

Wrike’s Agile workflow template for teams will help you organize your backlog, run efficient sprints, and ensure customers are satisfied. 

Wrike's Agile project plan template has multiple Custom Item Types to get you started, including Action Items, Bugs, Epics, Features, Meeting Notes, Sprints, and Stories.

Agile teams need a robust framework to support the Agile manifesto. Without a proper structure, your team’s sprints will be ineffective, and items in your backlog can be left unaddressed for too long. 

This Agile workflow template will support teams working on Agile approaches, including Scrum masters and product owners. This template provides the perfect solution to simplify your Agile workflow and maximize every sprint. 

Step 1: Set up your Agile space

Having a single space where your Agile team can collaborate is essential. Custom Item Types will help you create a customized space that suits the way your team works. 

The Agile workflow template for teams comes with default Custom Item Types, such as:

  • Action Items, which can be used to log and assign tasks to users
  • Bugs, which help you handle bugs that are reported and logged to your space
  • Epics, which provide an excellent starting point for larger bodies of work
  • Features, which assist with logging functional components of your product

Step 2: Address your backlog

Leverage the pre-built request form to submit action items to the backlog. For instance, software developers can use the request form to help internal and external stakeholders submit bugs. User Stories, another Custom Item Type, allow you to log a detailed description of problems being addressed by the Agile team. 

Step 3: Maximize your sprints

To maximize your sprint, make sure you capture critical information in the Meeting Notes Custom Item Type and use the custom dashboard to keep track of progress as your sprint moves through the Agile workflow. 

Make Wrike work for you

Wondering how Wrike can simplify complex work and reduce chaos? Besides the Agile project plan template, Wrike’s versatile work management software has a range of customizable tools to help you take Agile projects to the next level. Our powerful features include:

You can tailor Wrike to work for any type of project, team, or methodology. Simply personalize your action plans and design your workspace to match your team’s processes.

<p>Maximize your sprints with Wrike</p>

Maximize your sprints with Wrike

<p>Maximize your sprints with Wrike</p>

Resources for Agile teams

Learn more with Wrike’s blog posts, case studies, and eBooks.

Blog post
See why IT teams need flexible project management in 2022
Discover Agile strategies to help you keep pace in the post-digital era

<p>Get work done faster with Wrike templates</p>

Get work done faster with Wrike templates

<p>Get work done faster with Wrike templates</p>


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