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Retail Trade Template

Manage your retail trade and e-commerce operations with Wrike’s ready-made template.

retail trade templateretail trade template

Create an end-to-end retail trade workflow

Wrike is your one-stop shop for retail management, with a clear system for organizing both physical and digital products. Oversee your e-commerce store, product lines, and go-to-market strategy all in one place.

With the retail trade template, you can:

  • Track your retail budget in real time with custom filters
  • Assign tasks to team members and monitor them with a dashboard
  • Implement the Waterfall framework to introduce new projects to your team

What’s included in this template

Manage your retail operations with Wrike

Find new ways to kick-start and execute retail trade projects on both the physical and digital level.

Manage your priorities in real time with dashboards

Visualize your retail project progress and shift priorities to adapt to changing scope or circumstances. Use key performance metrics to evaluate success and plan strategically.


Eliminate bottlenecks with smart automation

Use automation to quickly assign tasks and streamline the project process. Wave goodbye to bottlenecks — notify approvers instantly and trigger status changes to accelerate reviews.


Align team budget and capacity with resource planning

Assess your budgetary needs for various retail projects across your portfolio. Reallocate resources as necessary to stay on track with timelines.


Organize incoming tasks with dynamic request forms

Standardize your work intake process with custom request forms to seamlessly add tasks to your project dashboard. Add required fields to get all the information you need.

<p>Refine your retail processes</p>

Refine your retail processes

Free 14-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time.

<p>Refine your retail processes</p>

What’s included in this template

  • Custom item types
    Submit requests for new retail projects and create them from scratch with custom item types. Find out more about custom item types.
  • Custom fields
    Track the progress of all retail projects and corresponding budgets with custom fields. Filter each project according to remaining spend, priority level, total budget used, and more. Learn more about custom fields.
  • Performance view
    Gain complete financial oversight with the Performance view. See at a glance how your retail projects are performing compared to initial budgetary estimates and make sure you’re on track to stay within your expected spend.
  • Gantt chart view
    Get a visual breakdown of everything related to project progress, from upcoming milestones to due dates and even task dependencies. Learn more about Gantt charts in Wrike.
  • Request forms
    Simplify your intake with custom request forms to make sure new priorities seamlessly integrate with your current projects. Learn more about Wrike request forms.
  • Project dashboard
    Use the project dashboard as a real-time overview of all your retail trade projects. Track progress as you go, and gain data insights to remove bottlenecks. Find out more about Wrike project dashboards.

How to use Wrike’s retail trade template

Our retail trade template can help you lock down your priorities and manage your projects with an intuitive Waterfall methodology.

Here are a few ways you can use the template:

Resources for retail teams

<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>

Ready to try this template in Wrike?

Free 14-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time. 

<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>


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