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PBC Audit List Template

Prepare for your next audit by gathering all of your important documentation with ease.

Prepare your team for every audit

When your next business audit comes around, you want to make sure you have all the required documentation at the ready. Your auditing firm may ask for a PBC (prepared by client) list in order to complete the audit.

A PBC audit list template is the best way you can guarantee nothing is missed. Tick off every item from this checklist so you can simply pass it over to your auditors.

Does your team need a hand with:

  • Sourcing all documentation?
  • Assessing the priority of documents?
  • Tracking document status?

With Wrike’s PBC audit list template, you can:

  • Store all documents in one place
  • Categorize documentation by low, medium, and high urgency
  • Monitor the status of each document as it moves through review stages

Why you need this PBC audit list template

<h5>Seamless organization</h5>
Seamless organization

Tired of losing important documents in email threads? This PBC audit list template is your one-stop shop for document storage. Import your files and sort them with our simple folder structure.

<h5>Clear prioritization</h5>
Clear prioritization

Is your team unsure of where to start? With Wrike, you can clearly label documents by urgency level and assign tasks to team members to automatically notify them of their responsibilities.

<h5>Increased visibility</h5>
Increased visibility

Fed up waiting for updates? Use the PBC audit list template to track the status of multiple documents at a glance. View regular reports to ensure the audit process is running smoothly.

<p>Tick everything off your audit checklist</p>

Tick everything off your audit checklist

<p>Tick everything off your audit checklist</p>

How to use the PBC audit list template in Wrike

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. This saying definitely rings true when it comes to the auditing process, which is why your team needs an appropriate system in place.

Luckily, Wrike’s PBC audit list template has everything you need to set you up for success. 

PBC Audit List template

Now you’re ready to start using the PBC audit list template in your Wrike workspace. Simply follow these three steps to kick-start the process. 

Step 1: Personalize your folder structure

From your Wrike homepage, enter the “PBC Audit” space. You will see a folder on the left-hand side called “PBC Audit Document Template.”

Click on this folder for a sample checklist of all the necessary documents for your audit. Duplicate this template and edit it to suit your team’s requirements.

Step 2: Compile your required documents

Now you can start uploading your documents. Update the checkbox column once each one is uploaded. Customize your workflow to reflect various stages of progress (e.g. New, Approved, Under Review, etc.)

Use the custom fields to categorize your documents based on urgency: Low, Medium, or High. Head over to your pre-built calendar for a color-coded view of these priorities.

Step 3: Monitor document status

Each document status is represented as a separate widget in the pre-built dashboard. Track each one to spot any invalid documents, ensure required updates are made, and confirm approvals. 

Switch to the ready-made report for additional details, such as priority level and due date. 

So much more than a checklist 

So, you’ve compiled your PBC audit list and sent everything off for review. What now? It’s time to explore what else Wrike has to offer.

Our online collaboration platform has dozens of features to help you master every aspect of project management, from kickoff to completion. These include:

Wrike’s versatile software can be tailored to suit your team’s unique working style. Take a tour of our powerful platform today and find out how it can work for you. 

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<p>Deliver your PBC audit list on time</p>

Deliver your PBC audit list on time

<p>Deliver your PBC audit list on time</p>


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