The Best Project Management Software for Freelancers

Keep on top of diverse projects and exceed client expectations with Wrike’s project management for freelancers.
<p>The Best Project Management Software for Freelancers</p>


Centralize your freelancing tools

Freelancers often juggle the work of multiple clients at once. With Wrike’s project management app for freelancers, you can streamline your workload in one place.

Improve client management

Improve client management

Create separate folders for each client, with subfolders for different projects. Use real-time collaboration tools to share completed tasks with stakeholders and get instant feedback.

Track project deadlines

Track project deadlines

Wrike’s dashboards give you full visibility on every project. View outstanding tasks at a glance and keep a close eye on due dates to ensure you deliver your work on time.

Organize important files

Organize important files

Stop wasting time searching through your emails for attachments — move all your files to Wrike. Safely store sensitive documents, from signed contracts and invoices to NDAs.

Dynamic project management for freelancers

Wrike can help you keep track of all your projects, clients, and invoices. Stay on top of your portfolio with the best project management tools for freelancers.

Turbocharge projects with these templates

Wrike’s project management for freelancers also includes pre-built templates — perfect for automating repeatable tasks and kick-starting new projects.

Project management

Contract Management

Keep all your important contracts in one place. Set up notifications for new requests, track task status, and deliver results to clients on time.


Creative Brief

Clarify the scope of your project from the get-go. Define your client’s goals and ensure you get all the details you need to start work right away.

Project management

Project Scheduling

Being a freelancer requires expert scheduling skills. This template can help you improve your project planning and overall time management.

Trusted by more than two million users

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“Anyone who is looking to manage multiple projects daily should consider Wrike. The ability to customize request forms and have all our specs automatically provided … is extremely useful.”

Lori Meyers, Manager of Digital Assets, Monumental Sports and Entertainment
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“The company is completely set up on Wrike … We have all the financial information on Wrike, too. If you ask me for an invoice from 5 years ago, I can find it in three clicks.”

Prof. Dr. Sergi Trilla, Founder, President, and CEO of Trifermed

Resources for scaling your business

As well as our project management software for freelancers, Wrike also offers a host of resources to help you build your portfolio and attract new clients.

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25 Must-Know Productivity Tips

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<p>Embrace flexibility with Wrike</p>

Embrace flexibility with Wrike

Experience the best project management tools for freelancers — start your free two-week trial today.
<p>Embrace flexibility with Wrike</p>