Strengthen Customer Relationships with Wrike and Salesforce

Align your sales and services teams to kickstart projects quickly and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery for your clients.
<p>Strengthen Customer Relationships with Wrike and Salesforce</p>


Deliver an excellent customer experience every time

Wrike’s two-way sync with Salesforce sets the stage for teams to increase efficiency and productivity, deliver projects faster, and impress customers with on-time delivery.

<h5>Improve cross-departmental efficiency</h5>
Improve cross-departmental efficiency

Free up your team’s time and enable them to improve productivity by syncing important deal information with Wrike tasks.

<h5>Kick-off projects quickly</h5>
Kick-off projects quickly

When a deal is closed in Salesforce, Wrike automatically launches the associated tasks, creating consistent project initiation and optimal outcomes every time.

<h5>Increase real-time visibility</h5>
Increase real-time visibility

Wrike’s powerful two-way sync with Salesforce allows relationship owners to better visualize project progress as it happens.

Enable effortless collaboration between teams

Allow a smooth transition from sales to service teams by keeping task details and deal information aligned. Cut out time-consuming exchanges and focus on high-value work.