Connect Wrike to Google Calendar

Manage timelines, coordinate projects, and keep people in the loop on important dates and times with Unito’s automated two-way sync.


Link Wrike with Google Calendar for powerful planning

Unito’s no-code, two-way integration is customizable to your needs
and can be set up in no time.

<h5>Sync calendars instantly</h5>
Sync calendars instantly

Fully automate the flow of information between Wrike and Google Calendar so that any changes made in one tool are immediately reflected in the other.

<h5>Filter unnecessary data</h5>
Filter unnecessary data

Set rules to filter out unnecessary data and sync only the most relevant details: start and end dates, times, guests, attachments, descriptions, and more.

<h5>No coding necessary</h5>
No coding necessary

Our intuitive point-and-click interface makes it easy for anyone to build a flow without any coding knowledge required. Sync calendars in minutes.

Increase visibility and align your team

Siloed calendars can cause confusion between team members or across departments. Utilize our two-way sync to ensure milestones and event information are shared as needed.