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Optimize your merchandising operations with Wrike

Manage products, pricing, and promotions — all under one roof.

<p><span>Optimize your merchandising operations with Wrike</span></p>


Make the most of your merchandise

Find out how Wrike’s powerful features can turbocharge your processes. Track every element of your merchandising journey to deliver high-class products.

Boost cross-team collaboration

Wrike offers real-time collaboration, such as @mentions and live editing, so you can integrate your merchandising operations with broader company processes. 

Align product priorities with marketing and design to deliver cross-functional projects seamlessly.

Track project progress

Monitor projects so you never miss a beat in your merchandising workflow. 

With Wrike’s robust Kanban boards, you can manage tasks from creation to completion, assign responsibilities, and keep an eye on product deadlines. 

Eliminate manual tasks

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and manual data entry. Wrike’s automation takes over recurring tasks and processes, saving you time and minimizing errors.

Achieve operational efficiency and free up your merchandising team for more strategic tasks.

Work on the go

Don’t be chained to your desk. With Wrike’s mobile app, you can manage tasks, get progress updates, and stay connected with your team. 

Whether you’re on the shop floor or at a supplier meet, Wrike ensures your operations keep rolling smoothly.

Start your product journey with Wrike’s customizable templates

Browse through Wrike’s selection of ready-to-use templates to kick-start your operations. From project scheduling to weekly planning, we have you covered.

<h5>Project schedule<br></h5>
Project schedule

Plan promotions, assign roles, visualize product timelines, and track progress all in one place. Create a clear timeline and deliver the goods to stakeholders without delay. 

<h5>Weekly to-do list<br></h5>
Weekly to-do list

Capture all your merchandising tasks in one organized space, assign them to your team, set deadlines, and track progress. Turn your busy week into a productive one!

<h5>Business operations<br></h5>
Business operations

Revolutionize your retail process. From managing inventory to coordinating with suppliers, this template helps you streamline every aspect of your operations.