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Go-to-Market Strategy Template

Empower your marketing teams with Wrike. Use our go-to-market template to kick-start your product launch in no time.

Align your marketing resources

Bringing a product to market requires a number of moving parts. Your go-to-market plan may involve multiple marketing initiatives to launch new product lines or expand into new target markets. Key activities include analyzing the competition, developing messaging and positioning tailored to your buyer persona, aligning internal teams, and coordinating with external partners.

Wrike’s go-to-market strategy template can help you bring order to the chaos. This template is incredibly versatile, tracking your progress across a dynamic timeline that connects each stage of the project. Organize your go-to-market template by phases to accurately track ROI and ensure all components are placed correctly for product release.

What’s included in this template

Why you need Wrike to plan your GTM strategy

Explore Wrike’s go-to-market features today and find out how they can give your team the competitive advantage.

Optimize marketing workloads

Wrike’s workload views make it easy for marketing managers to zoom in on individual task lists and identify who has reached their capacity. Reassign tasks to avoid burnout and ensure even workloads.

View go-to-market progress

Create a dashboard with customizable widgets to monitor the progress made by your marketing team. Track every stage of your go-to-market plan, from “Design” to “Launch” to “Follow Up.”

Customize team workflows

Wrike’s custom workflows highlight work progression with project-specific statuses such as “In Review” and “Accepted.” Adjust these to suit your team’s marketing processes and provide regular updates.

Create launch timelines

Get a bird’s-eye view of your product launch timeline with easy-to-configure Gantt charts. Visualize deadlines, spot scheduling conflicts, and adjust due dates to update everyone instantly.
<p>Bring products to market with Wrike</p>

Bring products to market with Wrike

Free 14-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time.
<p>Bring products to market with Wrike</p>

What’s included in this template

  •  Gantt chart view
    Monitor your campaign timeline and set realistic launch dates with our Gantt chart. See a visual breakdown of campaign milestones and dependencies so you never miss a deadline. Learn more about our Gantt chart software.
  • Go-to-market dashboard
    This dashboard includes three pre-built widgets: Project Status, Campaign Milestones, and Due Tasks. Get a bird’s-eye view of campaign progress and spot overdue tasks instantly. Find out more about Wrike’s project dashboards
  • Productivity dashboard
    See all your to-dos in one place, including tasks that are due soon and pending review. You can also use your personal productivity board to store important files and log previously completed tasks.
  • Request form
    Want to kick-start effective campaigns in seconds? Use our pre-built request form to capture relevant campaign details, including launch date and estimated budget. Explore the functionality of Wrike’s dynamic request forms.
  • Go-to-market calendar
    View all your go-to-market projects with this calendar. Each project is color-coded so you can get a clear visual of different initiatives, e.g., customer research or website launch. Discover more about shared calendars.
  • Custom item types
    Build a tailored workspace for your marketing team so you can get campaigns to market faster. This template has custom item types such as Creative Brief, Go-to-Market Plan, and Launch. Read more about custom item types
  • Custom fields
    The go-to-market template also includes three custom fields: ICP, Launch Date, and Marketing Channel. These are tailored to the sample projects within this template. Find out more about Wrike’s custom fields.
  • Proofing and approval tools
    Accelerate your creative process with in-built review tools. Add feedback directly to assets, track changes in one place, and invite external stakeholders to approve. Experience all the benefits of powerful proofing and approval software.

How to use Wrike’s go-to-market strategy template

This go-to-market template will help you get up and running quickly with Wrike. Use it to form your product release plan and ensure your marketing teams are aligned on messaging and deliverables. 

We have a comprehensive guide that will show you how to:

  • Break your go-to-market plan into tasks and assign them
  • Review the progress of each task using the board view
  • Visualize your product launch timeline with your Gantt chart
  • Track overall project performance using the dashboard

Go-to-market resources

<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>

Ready to try this template in Wrike?

Free 14-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time. 

<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>


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