Marketing Campaign Management Template

A basic template for classic, timeline-driven campaign planning. Organize marketing campaigns into actionable items, assign due dates, and track progress on a Gantt chart.

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Everything you need to plan, execute, and measure impactful marketing campaigns

Digital marketing can involve hundreds of campaigns, launched across dozens of channels, in multiple languages, and spread across multiple regions. Planning, executing, and tracking these campaigns can be difficult, even with modern marketing campaign management tools.

This Marketing Campaign Management Template was built to help marketing teams pull off timeline-based digital marketing campaigns. From email marketing to telemarketing and everything inbetween, marketing campaign planning is a breeze with Wrike.

Start by breaking your online marketing campaign into phases, build out your task checklist, and assign those tasks to your team. Track campaign progress on our dynamic, interactive Gantt chart, and keep tabs on campaign ROI through exporting reports. Whether you’re a marketing veteran or just learning how to manage marketing campaigns for the first time, you’ll find everything you need in this flexible template.

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How to use the Marketing Campaign Management template in Wrike

This Template will help you get up and running quickly with Wrike. Use it as a reference campaign to learn how Wrike works, or to start managing a real campaign today. The guide below will show you how to:

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Start any marketing campaign by breaking down your work into actionable items called tasks. Tasks can be assigned to 1 or more members of your team. This template includes some sample tasks that can be renamed or deleted as needed. To assign a task, select it from the list, click Add assignee, and select a member of your team. If the person is not in Wrike yet, simply add their email address and an invitation to join Wrike will be sent to them.

After a task has been assigned, click on the date selector to set the start and due date.

To see the overall project plan, click on the Gantt Chart view. This displays the project and all tasks on an interactive and dynamic timeline. This birds-eye view can help you spot and avoid bottlenecks or roadblocks to ensure you meet your deadlines. To adjust the length of any task, simply drag the due-date marker. Milestones are fixed and must be rescheduled independently. 

This template also includes a pre-configured dashboard so you can see campaign progress. It displays which tasks are unassigned, overdue, and due this week. To customize this dashboard, click New Widget at the top of the screen and select any one of our helpful widgets. These widgets are configured to display a variety of data, so you can get all the critical information you need at a glance. Make sure to share this dashboard will all users who manage your campaigns. This template is made for managing basic marketing campaigns. Feel free to change or customize anything we’ve pre-configured to meet your needs.


The marketing campaign template allows users to organize their campaigns by turning it into phases, shortening feedback loops, and building accountability through task assignments.
A pre-configured dashboard allows users to have an overview of all the tasks within the project. To digest tasks better, organize your project into phases, build out your to-do list, and assign them to team members.
Wrike holds marketing team members accountable by providing visibility into project tasks and assignees. Managers can easily see what projects are complete, in progress, and overdue.
Get started by entering your business email and organizing your campaign with your pre-configured dashboard.
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