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Task management software that makes your life easier

Would you like to get more things done faster and with less stress? This is possible with Wrike's task management software because it enables you to store ideas and manage tasks in a central place, share them across teams in real time, and effectively collaborate on getting things done.

Thousands of companies across the globe, including Ecco, Salesforce, eBay and Lifetime Networks, improved their teams' productivity, thanks to Wrike.

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Top 9 reasons to choose Wrike for task management

Turn E-mails into Tasks

No more important items will get lost in cluttered inboxes! Wrike's task management software brings your e-mail discussions online in an intuitive Web interface and instantly integrates them with your project schedules. You can create, update and comment on tasks without leaving your inbox!

Manage everything in one spot

E-mails, tasks, discussions, files, images, Google docs, schedules, timelines — with Wrike, you can manage everything on one screen, without the hassle of switching between tabs, workspaces and windows. Wrike's task management tool enables you to tag and categorize information multiple ways, so that you can effectively manage overlapping activities.

Share data selectively

Wrike enables you to selectively share data with teams and involve customers and contractors when necessary. You can give selective access to a group of tasks to a certain group of people or to a certain person, while other people won't have access to them.

Manage Your Team's Time

Thanks to the time tracker integrated into Wrike's task management software, you get full visibility into team members' time and effectiveness. Wrike enables you to create time reports that simplify client billing and payroll for hourly employees. Time reports are easily customized, so you always get detailed and precise information about time spent on tasks.

Collaborate in Real Time

Wrike moved task management and online project collaboration to a new level where all the team members, not just managers, can benefit from online project discussions in a central place. User avatars, microblogging, a Facebook-like real-time newsfeed and an easy way to add comments make online task collaboration as effective as face-to-face communication. This is particularly essential to teams that manage their projects across multiple locations and need to have a convenient way to constantly communicate.

Work on Files Together

Wrike lets everyone on the team access shared files online and easily contribute to them by commenting and uploading new versions. Whenever a new file is uploaded, the team is instantly notified via e-mail and the activity stream. Collaborative document management is quick and easy, thanks to Wrike's integration with Google Docs.

Save time on routine work

As soon as you have created a task in Wrike and delegated it to someone, you don't need to spend your time and energy on remembering to remind the person about it. Wrike will take care of doing all the routine work for you! It will keep track of all the deadlines, send automatic reminders to your team and instantly notify you about the task progress.

Manage Tasks on the Go

Keep your finger on the pulse of multiple projects wherever you are! With Wrike, you can easily access your tasks by using Wrike's native apps for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry. Organizing tasks, adjusting project plans and adding comments to discussions — with Wrike's help, you can do this through your favorite mobile gadgets.

Nothing to Install or Upgrade

Wrike is Web-based task management software, so you don't have to install, download or upgrade anything. Wrike is ready-to-use as soon as you create an account. No matter what your current location is, with Wrike, your data is always close at hand and available from any device with access to the Internet.

Using Wrike, we get more done faster and with less stress because we have everything organized in a great, intuitive way and enable constant collaboration between our team members.”
Timothy Seward, CEO of ROI Revolution