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Boost Visibility with the Best Project Tracking Software

With Wrike’s project tracking software, you can monitor team progress and identify potential roadblocks in real-time.


Easily plan from start to finish

Deliver results

Deliver results

Get real-time insights into every project. Create reports and run analytics to ensure you hit all your targets.

Outline tasks

Outline tasks

Create your project goals, organize your activities, and assign responsibilities to team members.

Monitor progress

Monitor progress

Use Wrike’s project tracking tools to oversee efforts, spot issues, and allocate extra resources if necessary.

Get total project transparency

What is the best way to keep track of projects? Empower your teams with Wrike’s project tracking software.

Templates to elevate your projects

Organize teams and hit targets with project management tracking templates from Wrike.

Align on company OKRs

Clarify project objectives and key results to motivate your team and stay focused on company goals.

Schedule projects

Create a detailed timeline for your project. Use milestones as reference points, with different due dates and deadlines.

Work as an Agile team

Hone your project management tracking skills by embracing the Agile methodology and prioritizing your team’s workload.

Tackle complex projects

Break mammoth projects down into manageable tasks. Identify roadblocks and reallocate assignments where necessary.

Create content calendars

Keep your content output flowing by planning ahead. Store your ideas, build custom workflows, and track project status.

Build product roadmaps

Make use of powerful project tracking software to outline your product journey, from brainstorm to launch.

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“With Wrike, I am able to track and monitor all of my projects in one place. If asked about one of my projects, I can instantly go into Wrike and give them an update within 30 seconds.”

Lisa Matthews, Project Manager, Hootsuite
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“Templates permit us to work in parallel with the mountain of requests that you could never cope with if you weren’t using a tool like Wrike.”

Ricard Martín Sol, Group Digital Systems Manager, De’Longhi
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“Projects that had taken nine months to complete now take 16 weeks. Today, we can manage 250% more projects, which means we can be more responsive, increasing customer satisfaction.”

Shaun Carlson, Director of R&D and Continuous Innovation, Arvig
<p>How to track projects with Wrike</p>

How to track projects with Wrike

Use customizable tools to keep track of projects in Wrike. Set project timelines and milestones with flexible Gantt charts — adjust easily with the drag-and-drop builder. Build Kanban boards to quickly view task status and track progress across the company.


Power projects with these resources

Use case

Stay Agile

Speed up progress without compromising on quality. With Agile project management, you can adapt easily and hit every target.

Use case

Accelerate your portfolio

Use Wrike’s project tracking tools to prioritize investments and optimize your portfolio in real-time.


Track project timelines

With intuitive Gantt charts, you can switch due dates, postpone deadlines, and move milestones in seconds.


Progress projects easily

Build Kanban boards with Wrike’s project tracking software. Organize multiple teams and assess progress instantly.

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Get creative

Turn vision into reality with creative project management tools. Streamline briefs, fast-track approvals, and deliver on time.

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Manage projects effectively

Wrike’s project management tracking tools enable you to eliminate silos, predict delays, and stay organized — all in one place.

<p>Explore the benefits of Agile management</p>

Explore the benefits of Agile management

Versatile project tracking software

<p>Explore the benefits of Agile management</p>