Elevate your metrics game with Wrike and Power BI

Supercharge your team’s efficiency by integrating Wrike and Microsoft Power BI for improved visibility, measurement, and collaboration.

<p>Elevate your metrics game with Wrike and Power BI</p>


Amplify your analytics

Enhance your team’s capabilities with Wrike and Power BI. Track performance, customize metrics, and tailor dashboards to drive results.

<h5>Advanced performance tracking<br></h5>
Advanced performance tracking

Monitor performance against benchmarks with configurable analytics dashboards, using sophisticated filtering to focus on the insights that impact your business most.

<h5>Customizable metrics <br></h5>
Customizable metrics

Personalize productivity metrics, effortlessly slice and dice data, and visualize outcomes clearly, driving more informed business decisions with actionable insights.

<h5>Tailored team dashboards<br></h5>
Tailored team dashboards

Create bespoke personal or team dashboards to organize and track essential metrics and deliverables. Focus on what matters most to your leadership, aligning objectives for success.

Explore the Wrike Connector for Power BI

See integration and analytics in action in our video guide.

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Begin your Wrike and Power BI journey

Unleash the full potential of your team with advanced analytics.

<p>Begin your Wrike and Power BI journey<br></p>
<p>Begin your Wrike and Power BI journey<br></p>