Microsoft SharePoint File Sharing & Collaboration Software Integration

Simplify your file sharing process, manage your digital assets, and collaborate on important documents with the Microsoft SharePoint and Wrike integration.
<p>Microsoft SharePoint File Sharing &amp; Collaboration Software Integration</p>


Experience productive file collaboration with SharePoint & Wrike

Great collaboration is achieved by creating a streamlined digital work experience and having access to the important resources you need to do your best work.
The SharePoint and Wrike integration facilitates practical collaboration on shared assets.

<h5>Attach SharePoint files and folders to&nbsp;Wrike</h5>
Attach SharePoint files and folders to Wrike

Use our new “Attach from SharePoint” to attach files or folders to Wrike tasks and projects.

<h5>Easily browse your shared sites and&nbsp;folders</h5>
Easily browse your shared sites and folders

Have full access to the sites, folders, and files shared with you or created by you in SharePoint.

<h5>Collaborate on your essential digital assets</h5>
Collaborate on your essential digital assets

Take advantage of Wrike’s proofing and approvals features to review, edit, and approve your SharePoint files.

Take control of your files with powerful sharing and collaboration

Available for all Wrike users.

Attach SharePoint assets to Wrike in three clicks

In a Wrike task, project, or folder panel, you’ll see an “Attach from SharePoint'' option in the “Attach files” drop-down menu. Edits or changes update in SharePoint in real time, so you can always be confident that you’re accessing the most up-to-date version of your files.

Instant access to your SharePoint sites, folders, and files

Navigate your sites and your “Following sites'' from the navigation bar within the “Attach from SharePoint” browsing pane.
Avoid blockers and inefficiencies by quickly locating the files and folders you’d like to attach to your task or project in Wrike.