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Invoice Tracking Template

Store, monitor, and manage multiple invoices in one secure hub with the invoice tracker from Wrike.

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#invoice tracker template
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Seamlessly track invoices in one location

Managing incoming and outgoing payments can be complicated without proper systems and processes in place. Are invoices getting lost or bills paid late? 

Do you ever struggle with:

  • Handling multiple invoices?
  • Storing invoices in an accessible location?
  • Paying vendors in a timely manner?

Eliminate these obstacles with invoice tracking from Wrike.

  • Store, view, and prioritize all of your invoices in one central hub
  • Include individual payment information for each payee for future invoices
  • Use our invoice management template to set dates and reminders for each invoice to ensure timely payments 

Why you need this invoice tracking template

<h5>Customize invoice information</h5>
Customize invoice information

Inefficient processes for managing bills can mean delayed or missed payments. Quickly upload invoices to the invoice tracker and mark their due dates and urgency to better meet deadlines.

<h5>Monitor payment patterns</h5>
Monitor payment patterns

Low visibility across invoices can result in overpayment in certain categories. Monitor your spending and determine where you could cut back in future by regularly updating your invoice tracker.

<h5>Separate payment types</h5>
Separate payment types

Using several locations to store payment info can increase confusion. Use your invoice tracker template to separate invoices into different payment types: accounts payable or accounts receivable.

<p>Track invoices and ensure accurate payments</p>

Track invoices and ensure accurate payments

<p>Track invoices and ensure accurate payments</p>

How to use the invoice tracking template in Wrike

Does your team lack a central space for categorizing and managing invoices? Are you using an inefficient process to track upcoming payments? 

Wrike’s invoice tracker template creates a single location for storing, managing, and monitoring your company’s or department’s invoices to help ensure timely payments. 

Table with invoices

Managing invoices for your business can be complicated because invoices often come from a variety of sources and are due at different times. Tracking invoices requires an efficient and robust process that can help you stay on top of payments. 

This invoice tracking template sets up an easy-to-use system for storing, monitoring, and processing invoices. 

Step 1: Log invoices with a request form

Designated employees can use the request form to log invoices, providing a range of information that will help sort and process invoices for payment. Submit details such as the purchase order number, vendor name, the date the invoice was submitted, and due date. 

Step 2: Attach the invoice for added visibility

Avoid scrambling to find invoices — use the Wrike invoice tracking template to store them all in a single, secure, and accessible folder. Simply attach the invoice to the request form so original invoices are stored in one place. 

Step 3: View and sort invoices easily 

Once invoices and relevant information have been uploaded, view and sort them by category in a custom dashboard for increased visibility. Categorize invoices by urgency, expense type, payment status, outstanding amount, and days overdue. This table will automatically update with every invoice that is submitted through the request form. 

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<p>Store payment details and prioritize payments</p>

Store payment details and prioritize payments

<p>Store payment details and prioritize payments</p>


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