Task Management Software for Getting Work Done. Faster. Online.

Wish you could finish your tasks faster and with less stress? This is easy with Wrike’s online task manager.

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Store your personal to-do list and ideas, manage team collaborative task lists, and effectively work with your team to get things done – all in one place in real time

Manage all your work in one spot

With Wrike, there is no need to switch between tools, folders, and browser windows. Whether you’re working on your personal to-do list or a high impact team project, our advanced task manager gives you a full feature set for managing your work items in one place. Create tasks, set schedules, attach files, discuss details, and track work progress – all by choosing Wrike as your task management software.

Collaborate with your team to achieve better results

Working with someone across the world? Across the city? Maybe just across the room? Wrike can be your ultimate tool for online task collaboration. Make the most out of collaborative editing. Hold live discussions and edit tasks with your teammates simultaneously. Collaborative task management has never been so simple.

Share the workload wisely

Wrike task management system enables you to selectively share data with teams and involve customers and contractors when necessary. You can give selective access to tasks to specific people, while others won’t have it. Easily stay on top of your team’s schedule with the Workload view. You can check out your team’s tasks for this week, or zoom out to view a longer period of time. If you notice someone is overloaded, use the drag-and-drop feature to reassign tasks or reschedule work.

Track time spent on tasks

Make every minute of your work count with Wrike’s time management features. The task timer lets you track, log, and report the hours you spend working on tasks. All time updates on the shared tasks are instantly communicated to your teammates via the Newsfeed. Use Wrike’s online task management tools to customize time reports if you wish to simplify client billing and payroll for hourly employees.

Keep your to-do list in sync across browsers, devices, and mailboxes

With today’s reliance on online collaboration, you risk falling out of the loop without constant access to your task management tool. But it’s not an issue anymore with Wrike’s online task management software. You can access it from anywhere - from any browser on the web, from your favorite mobile devices using our iPhone and Android apps, or even from your email inbox. Wrike’s integration with Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail allows you to create and track tasks right from your inbox.

Save time on routine work

As soon as you have created a task and delegated it to someone, you don’t need to spend your time and energy reminding them about it. Wrike task management tools will take care of doing all the routine work for you! It will keep track of all the deadlines, send automatic reminders to your team, and instantly notify you about the task progress.

Nothing to install or upgrade

Wrike is web-based task management software, so you don’t have to install, download, or upgrade anything. Wrike is ready-to-use as soon as you create an account. No matter what your current location is, with Wrike your data is always close at hand for non-stop online collaboration. You can optionally install our mobile app for better task management on the fly!