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How to Explain Agile Methodology to Others?

An Agile environment is critical to an Agile project’s success, so it’s important to have stakeholders in your organization on board. However, if Agile is new to your workplace, you may struggle with how to explain the Agile methodology to others.

The Agile methodology is as much a mindset as it is a way of project management. It values collaboration, producing working results, and adapting to change. The Agile methodology doesn’t tell you to stick to a set of prescribed steps or processes. It emphasizes adapting to the needs of your team, customer, and the changes in your environment and project requirements. The goal of Agile is to produce working results in a way that’s repeatable and continuous. 

Agile is an approach to project management that focuses on the iterative development of your final deliverable. If you were publishing a book, each draft would be an iteration of the final work. With Agile, you organize your project into “sprints,” where each sprint or phase results in the next draft. You work closely with both your team (editors, designers, etc.) and customer (publisher) throughout the project to meet expectations and incorporate any suggested changes.

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